by Linda Redman, updated 1/5/2018

This selection of videos was inspired to for parents to be able to share with youth without worry of distasteful content or low-consciousness hosts.  YouTube can offer related videos at the end that can be clicked on, but these topics should be fine for all ages!

Feel free to send me more suggestions in the comments section!

Channel:  AmPro RC       Title:  First flight with the Stingray

Channel: AmPro RC           Title: Episode 2 Stingray 2s and 3s Battery

Channel: AmPro  RC         Title: Ep. 2 Stingray 2s and 3s battery


Channel: Delaware Wildlands,  Inc.    –   Video Title:   Happy as a Horseshoe Crab!


Channel: Henry Lopez    –    Video Title:  Chamber Nautilus (Nautilus Pompilius)


Channel:  Frank Lame     –    Video Title:   Nautilus

Channel: Reef Life Aquatics      –       Video Title:  Chambered Nautilus Eating Krill


Channel:  EVNautilus       –     Video Title: Shy Octopus Hides Inside Its Own Tentacles

Channel:  zoneku1           –      Video Title:  Flamboyant Cuttlefish Hatching


Channel:  Epic Wildlife       –         Video Title:  19 INCREDIBLY Colorful Sea Creatures


Channel:  chase action

Video Title:  Little octopus comes to my foot and changes color (diamatic displays), Rare footage

Channel: Pang Quong       –  Video Title:  Octopus Eggs Hatching

Channel:  Travis Brandwood       –      Video Title:  My New Cannonball Jellyfish

Channel:  FishEyeGuy Outdoors       /      Title:  Cannonball Jellyfish at Panama City 4


Channel:  CineFete  (Pronounced Cin-Ay, Fet)



Channel:  Tech Insider      –    Title:  How Deep is the Ocean


Channel:  American Tech

Title:  Free Energy 100%, How make solar cell from CD flat


Channel:  H2InnovationLab Smith      /  Title: Hydrogen Production 2000% Effiecieny, Self-Powering Energy 2017 – Fuel Cell Technology


Channel: AmazingScience    –   Title:  World’s Simplest Electric Train


Channel: A Cosmic Castaway   – Title:  Future By Design [Jacque Fresco]



Channel:  Eco Peace Vision       Title:   Eco Peace Social Design

Channel:  Matthew Buras –  Christian music – Remote Control Planes …