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Here is some remaining text from the end of show #7 with some important points, and one of the many very interesting stories in the series:

…Declaration of Independence.  I’m not sure if he studied the bible, or believed in the bible, but anyway he did put this clause in there, that we were founded on: “The Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.” So if we can look at the Declaration of Independence as our key law, just like we look at our Constitution as a primary law of our country, we can say that our country was founded on the concept of aligning with God and the Laws of Nature, I believe we can say we founded our country to honor and care for living beings. In that case we can’t have leaders that don’t care for living beings, that don’t honor people’s character and cultivate their strengths from within. Also it is a very important point that it’s like we have this law of caring for living beings. Therefore we would want to care for species, we would not want species to go extinct. We would be acknowledging that our country was founded with this kind of concept. So there is an ecological argument right there in our first, primary laws of our country.

7. The structure of family leaders, and women’s special role in this—to steer future generations towards a good direction. It seems to me that women have at least an equal if not greater ability to steer things towards the direction of following God and Jesus or not—or just a good way or the ways of peace, or not– possibly because of having an edge because of the emotion of love. Another factor probably is when women have the ability to read. [Also] if women can see that the bible can be looked at as a road map towards peace rather than patriarchy. We can look at the story in Genesis when God asks “where is Sarah?” when He is speaking to Abraham telling him at age 90—they were both about age 90–to expect a child. So he asked “Where is Sarah?” That was acknowledging her importance, of course her importance in having a child. We can see that when women take care of their health and have healthy babies and teach them well, that makes an incredible difference in society.

8. Helping people want to be on their best behavior even when no one is apparently watching– this another structure of peace in the bible. The concept is, in the book of Ezekiel, for example,—Ezekiel is a prophet. God tells him “See what’s happening—” They were in captivity in Babylon because they had gone off track. Ezekiel was with them and God could show him–I don’t know if it was in his mind’s eye, or if you put the idea of frequency shifted beings into the bible, He could have brought him there. Anyway my understanding is that Ezekiel and God, they could see through the walls where the people were back in Jerusalem and the priests were there and they were doing things that were not aligned with God’s teachings. Maybe there was astrology happening there. God was not happy with it and could see through the walls. This concept that God is all-seeing and can see through walls– That can help people check their behavior. And if that’s taught to our children and our population…One way you can teach it is, “People can have remote viewing.” That our psychics have been used in the military to remote view to see how the military is doing in the other country. So that phenomenon exists so if people can not only think that maybe their actions are being judged by God and maybe assistants of God they can’t see, they will check their behavior more. And if it’s explained to them,”Wouldn’t you rather go in a direction of love after you die, and light and being with loved ones?” Then that’s a important thing that will also help them have good behavior in the present. That’s an important structure that when we take the bible out of everything, we don’t have.

STORY 1: Boy Seems to Clear Himself of Voices in His Head

I have a neighbor who was about 14 years old and he shared with me that he heard voices. I assumed they were not positive voices. So I might have checked [about that]. Unless we are praying to Jesus or God, we can be deceived by the spiritual dimension, so its probably best only to try to connect with Jesus or God. (I have other stories about that.) So he shared with me that he could hear voices and he had been going to a counselor for several months, every week. And I told him that There are people who could pray and clear them, or I could give a prayer to Jesus and help clear them, but I don’t want to do it if you’re not going to continue praying and follow up, otherwise your ‘vessel will be empty’ your body will be empty and more could come and fill it,” if he doesn’t pray. He told me they prayed some at his house, just at dinner. He wasn’t allowed to pray at bedtime, for some reason, and at church they had a prayer. He said their family was Mormon. I told him, he can pray quietly to Jesus, in his head. I left to go inside to get something and I was thinking, “What am I going to do?” When I came back he said “They’re gone!” The voices were gone! So I hope they continue to be gone and he may have prayed in his head. So that’s a really great story. I had told him that counselors in other countries, in Europe, and I believe Germany, do acknowledge spiritual possession and how to clear them and that in 10 or 20 years it may happen in this country. (Hopefully sooner.)

Thank you for listening and we will continue on with this series with aspects of peace that we can find in the bible. Please check out my website. Please try to make ecological choices if you buy things. If you buy meat, I’m encouraging people to ask the store to find meat that says [the animal was] “humanely raised” and “humanely killed.” And [look for] paper products that are non-bleached and we need to ask for hemp paper.

Anyway I will talk to you later. Bye!

Public Service Announcement text for 2m, 20sec SaveSoAmForests –which aired on blogtalkradio/eco-peace on Sept. 8, 2017

Hi, this is ecopeacevision with 5 reasons to prioritize protecting South American forests.

Reason #1 – To protect probably way over 100,000 species in that area. In a park in Panama, in one acre, scientists found 6,000 unique species of arthropods alone –there could be over 100,000 unique species of plant and other living beings in each acre!

Reason #2 – These forests in South America are a vital element to protect [provide] oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Most of the living beings on our planet depend on enough oxygen and not too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

Reason #3 – The South American rain-forests are probably getting cleared faster than other dense forests. Onegreenplanet reports that Russia and China are behind huge-scale, rapid clearing programs to raise cattle and grow soy crops. It is possible that some of this cattle meat is ending up in the US and fast food restaurants around the world. What if some of our paper and wood products are from this zone?

Reason #4 – There are important archaeological sites in jeopardy, so human history is being lost, and in jeopardy of being lost. Did you know that the first Americans were aboriginal people from Australia? Did you know they lived in South America 50,000 years ago? They were peace-oriented, and led by the women. About 13,000 years ago the Asian-heritage people migrated down into South America and almost completely wiped them out. In 2012 there were two surviving women of this ancient culture alive living on the tip of South America.

Reason #5 – According to a NOVA 2012 Pole Shift video on YouTube, this pole shift is different from other pole shifts. With this one we are losing our magnetic shield! The good news is, that a trusted intuitive listener and spokesperson for God says that we have more like 500 years before our planet looks like Mars and we need to go underground to create a resonate shield. Not 5 or 20 years! Thus, saving the South American forests are still the ecological priority at this time,

This is ecopeacevision thanks for listening and thanks for your helping save multitudes of animal and plant species, and other living beings in the rain forests! Thank you1


Transcript-1 min. announcement-Save S.AmForests  aired on Sept. 9, 2017

This is ecopeacevision with an important announcement:

Certain unnamed countries appear to be involved with rapid destruction of South American forests to raise cattle and grow soy crops. It is possible consumers around the world are contributing to South Am forest destruction by buying products from these forests. People in S. America may be burning down acres to have their own farm land. Scientists found 6,000 different species of arthropod in only one acre of a Panamanian rain-forest park—so there is an incredible amount of species being lost every day in South America! These ecological zones produce vital oxygen and are essential for reducing the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. All our species are adapted to a specific atmosphere that we need to protect. Please make saving South American forests a priority.