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Eco Peace Vision Radio Show

Show 1: June 16, 2017 “The Self-Existent One – Help for Progressives” (Transcript with clarifications in brackets completed July, 17, 2017)

Linda R, show host, shares several experiences of her eyes being opened to the possibility God–a living, conscious, omniscient, intelligence who we can call “The Self-Existent One.” The knowledge in this transmission might benefit the causes of progressives and reduce political bewilderment.

Concerns of fantastical and violent items in the bible are examined taking historical perspective into account. The Noah’s Ark story, supported by strong archaeological findings by Ron Wyatt indicates God wants to save species. A listener of God relayed to make saving species & forests in South America a priority. 

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[Intro – Hi Progressives]

Welcome listeners, I want to [direct this show to] people who are good-hearted and progressive politically –that’s who I am talking to. I consider myself in that group. In 2014 I had a sequence of quite a few different experiences to where God became on my radar. I just wanted to share that with people because this is a really big source [of help] who I understand can be called – wants to be called–can be called. “The Self-Existent One.[SEO]” This is a really big source that progressives can tune into and ask for help. (1:05)

[Coming Up – My Experiences of SEO…First Let’s Address Concerns with SEO & Bible]

I want to first, before I get into the stories of how I–my experiences of how I –came into awareness of this being. I want to mention a few things that most progressives or quite a few progressives have as concerns regarding the bible and what they might know about God, the Self-Existent One:

One big concern is [what appears to be insensitive violence] : Animals get killed which seems brutal and also entire communities get wiped out in the Old Testament of the bible. Related to these animal things, Jacob’s family – which is the community of Israel – were able to move with the animals this is very ancient history, this is what was happening at that time for these people and a lot of us are descendants of these groups in the Middle Eastern areas and so we basically owe our life to that lifestyle. About the many communities getting wiped out in that area – the genocide that happens in the Old Testament: These communities were practicing really off-track spiritual behavior; they were sacrificing infants – that was a really big concern to Self-Existent One. The entire community was that way and there was not a way to try to change things so that is my understanding for the reasoning for that.

Another concern is that the stories are fantastical for example in the King James Version in the book of Job, it mentions – God is talking about different animals and [in]the translation [Job 39:9] it mentions that one animal is a unicorn, but if you look at the original Hebrew it was “one-horned beast” I believe, so the people at that time may not have known rhinos existed. [I looked into this to refresh my understanding after the show and learned that actually translation scholars say that it looks like a Hebrew vowel was dropped in the translation and the word looks mostly like the word for wild ox. Since the Latin translators did not know what the animal was, they put the word unicorn in there.]

Other fantastical stories:

You can look at In the’70s and ’80s he went over to these [Old Testament ] areas .He thought there might be evidence that these stories really did happen. A really important one to look into is the Ark, Noah’s Ark. In the bible it mentions it’s in the mountains – with a plural– of Mt. Ararat, which is in Turkey. So a plane had flown over and had taken a picture of something that looked like a big boat, vessel, in the mountains around the main mountain and Ron Wyatt went over with his three sons and wife and probably some other people – they had to go more than once over there. One time they even prayed there would be a sloughing off [of the dirt around the vessel] because they had a low budget, and that actually happened!! They found wood that was laminated 3 layers which is a high technology kind of idea. Also they found, they were able to test long [pathways above the dirt that appeared to coincide with the boat’s long beam structures. Along these paths they found evidence of ] metal…rivets–plates that held the wood together. That metal had three different types of metal [that were combined] in it. That was an advanced form of metallurgy. One of the metals was aluminum. The same Ark story [other archaeologists found in the very ancient ]… Sumerian [clay] tablets: of water everywhere, and the birds that go to the land. So why the Ark story is helpful to look into and consider to be true, [is that] God was protecting species. The Self-Existent One cares about species. So if we will look at our Declaration of Independence that we were founded under the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” to me that looks like that’s a foundational* [primary] law to our Constitution therefore protecting species would be a foundational* law! So that is something helpful to consider.

Another concern with a lot of progressives in the bible is that that there’s a lot of people that are having gender identity experiences these days .They have a concern the philosophy is not respecting them. It is my understanding that God is there for everyone. The guidance by Paul in the book of Romans encourages self-control. Another important thing to consider is if people are not aware of spiritual possession, that could be happening with some people. Another thing that everyone needs to keep in mind is the estrogen-mimicking molecules. Alot of toxic-chemicals have estrogen-mimicking molecules. They’ve found that the umbilical chords of a baby can have 300 different chemicals so our babies are exposed to a lot of toxins so that issue is part of this to consider

Another issue I want to put out to Progressives is that Self-Existent One is an environmentalist, that relates to the concept of the Ark. I have a story about that. On earth Day 2015, I asked a listener of God what does God say is a prioity for us. Basically Self-Existent One said the South American rain forest.

One last thing for Atheists to consider, is after we die, what happens? If you look at Ghost Hunter movies on YouTube or something, there is equipment to validate that there is energy and consciousness that seems to exist after we die, so the question is: Do you want to go in the direction of unity and love after you die, or not?

Now I want to talk about my early experiences which started in 2014. It happened when I was going to the Senior Citizens Center, church dinners, and churches in town. Which anyone can do in their town, they might just go to different churches, ask what people’s experiences are –you will get some really great stories!

[God Relays a Message Directly to Linda – Read Job 38]

This happened in 2014, …I was talking to a listener of God friend, I was holding a bible talking to a friend who had [tuned into God a few years before]…and saying “I’m not really sure that God is a He,” which is an issue many Progressives have. and “I’m not really sure if the bible hasn’t been altered after all these years,” which is another issue progressives have. And he said, “I’m hearing to tell you to open it to Job 38. The book of Job [Chapter] 38.” Then I was having trouble finding it and even finding the table of contents and he said “I’m hearing to tell you to open it in the middle and turn a few pages.” And I did and I got right to it! [the book of Job]. That felt like something we had talked about earlier– that somewhere in the bible it talks about that Self-Existent One knows the number of hairs on each of our heads.” It kind of found like that– like how did I get right to it—because it isn’t exactly right in the middle [of the bible]– that book!

So Job– the book of Job and the book of Jonah, God was talking to people before the Israelites, it is a very old book – it mentions in Genesis that God walks with humans for 300 years. That’s it, one line, says that. So Job had a lot of good ideas for how to follow God and walk in a good direction–[he was] good to people around him. So Job was afflicted with a skin disease, some kind of boils, not leprosy, but was very painful. He was having a conversation with two friends and they were having a long conversation that goes on until Chapter 38 that’s when God shows up. I looked at it recently and Job was kind of edgy, like…”Where are you God, I’ve been doing everything right., Where are you? Kind of edgy. Then one friend talks and goes on and on about how great God is. Then God shows up. And it felt like God was talking right to me in that one event. It put Him on my radar!

The Young Woman with Many Spirits

the next [story], that happened not long after [the Job event] a woman it turned out had a lot of spirits in her, I didn’t realize that when I invited her to my house after a church dinner. Actually she even came a second time and, I was really hesitant to have her come in. I was like, “if she shows up, we’re going to go somewhere else ’cause I don’t want her in my house.” So right before – as we were leaving, I had a notebook and I was ready to write down what is the concern of these different entities she had spoken of the time before. …what are their concerns and maybe we could help them go back to where they need to go. What she came out with was, “My name is Satan!” And I felt my heart being touched or pushed and my same intuitive friend, the one who had relayed to me to open the book to Job 38, I don’t know if that was a week or two before, but he saw [in his minds eye] that it was as if a thumb was being pushing on my heart. He saw that! It took about two weeks of going to different church groups and praying to get the pain to go away, before I didn’t feel anything there.

[Baptism for Protection Against Bad Spirits ][17:17 mins in]

Both of those two people saw the same spiritual entity in my house right at the time. They did not know each other. [One was my listener of God friend and one was the young woman with many spirits described in the last story.] The spiritual entity that they saw sounded like the description of a [character] from the book Bone, which is a graphic novel that they had at my kids’ elementary school at the time. It has red eyes, sharp teeth. They didn’t say anything about the sharp teeth, just saw red eyes [and that it was short – and it was seen by both in my son’s room.] So my house got cleared more than once, it had some spiritual entities in it. That is just something to keep in mind. That sort of thing can happen! So my listener of God friend said, after about the 3rd or 4th time that my house got cleared, (!!) “Have you ever been baptized?” I said “I don’t think so!” I checked and I hadn’t, so I did, several months later, get baptized. –which that word means “full immersion” — I think it would even be better in a river, because then you’ve got that running water and the whole concept of the cleansing of your physical body, but also cleansing and receiving new life for your body and your soul. So my house has been way better after the clearings and the baptism!

[A Possessed Woman with a Jewish Name]

There was a woman that I would continue to see at church dinners, and my friend that is a listener of God– he kind of did a prayer, it seemed like she was getting possessed and if we prayed for her she would get better, more attentive. So we were praying for her to help with spiritual possession before we realized that it does say in the bible that “if you clear the house, the spirits can bring 8 more spirits to possess that person if that person is not going to help their house be clear like by reading the bible, baptism… So over time we realized that she’s not going to do that, because I kept telling her.

And I finally learned her name. It’s a challenging name, I had never heard it before. And one time she asked for something and I had it in the car so I went and got it for her and she thanked me. And I said, well “don’t thank me, thank God. It is kind of amazing that I had that and I gave it to you!” She said “I’m Buddhist.” Which she had continued to say when I had seen her at other times.

So I said “Well I am going in to this church right next door, it’s called Cristo Vive.” She didn’t want to go. I invited her. When I go in, I’m about 45 minutes late. They had already gone through all the music. There is a guest minister who is very intuitive. He has had other intuitive messages. He had everyone at the exact place in the bible that had her name in it! The only place in the bible that has her name in it! I will go ahead and say her name–Bernice — in Acts. “King Agrippa and Bernice walk in with all the pomp. They were important people in the Jewish culture. And she listened like a judge for Paul who had gone far away from Jerusalem after Jesus had died so he wouldn’t get killed like Jesus did. .She did read it she went totally clear and read it..but she still wants to be Buddhist, last I heard. Her parents were and interestingly enough somewhere there in the bible it says there is a Jewish priest or pharisee or somebody that said if Jesus or Yeshua is the Messiah, may all my future relatives be cursed. And I kind of wonder if that could be happening with this person that we care about.

[God’s Priorities for Earth Day, 2015 ]

[Save Latin American Forests]

Earth day in 2015, I asked my listener of God friend, “What does God say—this is before where I learned I could call Him –‘Self Existent One’– What does God say is the priority for Earth Day, for caring for the earth? Because it seemed like there are so many different things to work on.” Something hit him hard and he had to leave the room. He felt a very heavy weight, he said “What are you asking me?!” he said and had to leave the room. Then in a minute or two he came back, sat down and he said “OK, what are you asking me?…I feel a very heavy weight, God is sad, it has to do with Latin American rain forests — they’re being burned down from each side. Everybody wants their own acre. It would be better if there was checkerboarded the development. To have a lot of people on one acre and then there several surrounding acres that are left undeveloped.” That could happen around the world too. I don’t know if that was that time or another time that he told me, If you look at Google maps the light green is the forest that has been cut down and the dark green is the forest that has not been deforested.” But he was hit with saddness, he said “God is sad, the species are sad–they are saying “Don’t kill every last one of us, not every last one of us.” And he felt and had a tear related to this topic. That was the day before Earth Day.

[Preserve Archaeological History in Latin American Rain forests]

Then on Earth day, he was led to tell me on the internet on YouTube that we not only lose species but we lose not only species, but we also lose our important history when we lose the rain forest. And archaeological remains might also help us preserve the rain forest in Latin America. Interestingly enough this video shows that the first inhabitants came from Australia to South Africa then they came from South Africa to South America and they were there 50,000 years ago..The natives that came over from Asia came down and they clashed. And that was about 13,000 years ago. Then later we learned in this video that the first inhabitants in South America were very peaceful, they didn’t have predators. and they actually were being run by women, it was a matriarchal culture. With the clashing, and so many people being killed, evidently the men took over. [The men] had a ceremony where the women couldn’t know something. Some male archaeologists came in and were able to learn from the men what the secret in the ceremony was, and they learned that it was that the women used to run things…..Then, who knows ? Maybe these aboriginal people could lay claim to the land and say. “That’s our history too.”

[God Relays He can be Called “I AM” or “Self-Existent One”]

I was typing on the computer and I was thinking “I’m using God a lot and that might irritate some people that don’t want to use that name—like, the Jewish population a lot of times will use G-d, the name is very sacred. So I was thinking, my friend, it was very quiet and he was in the room, he stood up and said, “You can call God “I Am” or “Self-Extent One.” So that’s where that came from! Interesting.

Thanks for listening, I may have other broadcasts, I appreciate that I ‘ve been able to get through this one. I hope that it has gone well. I like to hear from listeners; if you have any questions, there’s several people that can get answers for me from Self-Existent One. So if you have any questions, send me a comment and I will have to do another show and answer it. Have a great day. Bye.