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(this was relayed to me by a neighbor today…)
1. Do you believe that it is POSSIBLE for a person’s consciousness to survive after death?
2. If so, would it not be more rewarding than not, to be in the group of spirits that might have a try at everlasting life?
3. The bible mentions 200 times (according to my neighbor) that those who are evil will be destroyed — that their souls will completely perish. There is one time that may be an errant interpretation in the New Testament (according to my neighbor) that indicates there may be everlasting suffering for destructive-oriented souls.
4. Do you believe it is POSSIBLE that love can survive death?
5. Why not CHOOSE LOVE; why not choose to love in this life and maybe after death?
6. Who is a good role model of spiritual love? Can you agree Jesus is a good example of spiritual love?
7. What will it hurt to follow the model of Jesus in this life, then MAYBE have a continued evolution of consciousness in the next life?



From Linda…Hope all my wordpress readers are having a nice day!


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