Edited/updated 5/10/2018, by Linda Redman

1.We can see that God/YHVH has a very long history of intervening to help those who will listen.

2. We can look at God/YHVH’s guidance for the qualities He looks for in a good leader.
It is a good time to revisit what Jesus taught about putting him at the head of a body of believers – another word for body is corporation.
3. It is a key time to decide if we as a nation are going to embrace the teachings of Jesus – like to love God/YHVH (the letters are pronounced “Yod-Hay-Vav-Hay” – the title means  “I Am that I Am” or “Self-Existent One” ) with our hearts, minds and souls and love one another as ourselves. Other key teachings: — how to win against the spiritual negative forces in our world, rather than fighting against physical perceived enemies,– to assist the needy physically and spiritually, — to attempt to wipe out profiteering in the areas that are aligned with God/YHVH.

4. Sometimes we see “YHWH” which is the more  modern Hebrew, but the Ancient Hebrew has “V.”  Some say the HVH in YHVH means hand and nail, but I have heard from YHVH that the correct interpretation is either “I Am – I Am” or “Self-Existent One.”

5. I believe we need Supreme Court justices who have a history of studying the bible and who believe that Jesus was a clarifying ambassador for God/YHVH, and a clear listener of God/YHVH.  The letter of 1 John, section 4 in the bible  says that those who do not believe that Jesus really lived once “came in the flesh,” are “anti-Christ.” We could have several Supreme Court judges who are in this category, and much of our population. It is time to choose The Way of Peace and choose to become acquainted with Jesus/Yeshua/’Iseous.

6. Please re-read the New Testament and  and Exodus 32, books of 1 Samuel, Numbers 16, Deuteronomy 32, the book of Isaiah, (especially Isaiah 1), the stories of Jonah and Micah –  – also the first part of Genesis via the direct Hebrew to English, (read from right to left) at biblehub.com/interlinear/genesis/1.htm – note the Hebrew names for God – YHWH is translated in the interlinear version as “Yahweh” and elohim.  I understand elohim (this is a plural word in Hebrew) can be translated as helpers of YHVH.) In Galaitians 5, Paul has some good words to this church group. Paul became a believer after seeing Jesus in the spiritual form.

Also review pure-hearted Christian, Ron Wyatt’s archaeological discoveries in the 1970’s & 1980’s – look at my letter to Pres. Obama before he left office highlighting these (https://peacewellness.wordpress.com/2016/12/28/pres-obama-3-important-requests-before-you-leave-office/https://peacewellness.wordpress.com/2016/12/10/dear-pres-obama-hillary-bernie-donald-foreign-policy-suggestions/). Also get a Concordance for the New International Version of the Holy Bible and see where it talks about God wiping out cultures where the people were worshiping “small g” gods, statues/idols and sacrificing their children into the fire.

7. Our Declaration of Independence notes that we claimed independence on the basis of being separate and equal from England “under the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”  This concept of “separation of church and state” is a distortion –  it can be argued that a majority of our founding leaders (including wives and female relatives) aligned with God and that our Declaration of Independence is a foundation and Preamble to our Constitution. It can be argued that our founding families were only thinking of the religions of the Native Americans (the Great Spirit* is like the Holy Spirit) and Judaism, Catholicism and Christianity.  Our laws are derived from the teachings of God and Jesus.  If we will teach the principles to all our residents here and our partners abroad, this will be a key Way for Peace.

8. If our Senators will read key parts of the bible on the halls of Congress, this can help get the nation on the same page or we will see who can’t stand to hear this stuff and leaves! That is a sign they are possibly being deceived by contentious spirits!

March 27, 2017, updated May 10, 2018

by L.C. “Elsee” Redman

*Some Native American religions practiced torturous fertility ceremonies, and other forms of harming the human body, so the Holy Spirit may be an important distinction.