By Linda Redman, of King County, Washington

Updated with an additional suggestion (#24) on 10:47 p.m., 6/25/2017

  1. Understand good care of the body (practice of good nutrition & detoxification.*
  2. Understand mental as well as physical benefits of exercise; it can help reduce stress and boost helpful endorphins.
  3. Understand the roots of mutual respect and courtesy / Everyone’s soul has the same value. **
  4. Learn about and try to practice empathy.
  5. Learn how to and practice communicating needs, wants, feelings and to civil, de-escalating words to resolve conflicts and to de-escalate strong feelings.
  6. Figure out physical and mental methods to de-escalate strong feelings – like to take 3 deep breaths, to go for a short walk, toss a bean bag up a few times…
  7. Understand one’s own needs, tendencies, comfort zone boundaries and relay these kindly to others. Practice standing up for them to be honored.
  8. Understand imbalanced dynamics in relationships and ways to compensate, avoid, reduce and resolve these types of issues. Some imbalances or include: martial arts training, computer skills, legal understandings, education, resources like money, social or professional associations, or higher intelligence and physical power. These sorts of things can increase chances of manipulation, control and fear of another person.   Differing philosophies of life including religious beliefs are also need to be brought out into the open, and discussed. A belief in God by one or both parties can compensate for human frailties or apparently unfair dynamics.
  9. Consider the consequences of unhealthy relationships and consequences if a person is taken advantage of.
  10. Consider how trust is developed — often by time, experience and references.
  11. Consider the importance of honesty – it helps build trust.
  12. Learn about “I feel” statements and when they might be helpful – “I feel ________ when this action occurs:______________. It would help if you ____________.”  These statements are good to use among people who care about each other. It can de-escalate conflicts. No one can argue with your feelings.
  13. Consider fun activities together can keep or revive harmony.
  14. Understand the physical problems resulting from drugs and injuries. (Look at Dr. Amen’s brain scans.)
  15. Learn how to brainstorm for creative win-win solutions.
  16. In separations, if we can see God and God’s teachings, as above the different individuals, there can be more harmony and peace. Putting agreed-upon mutual high ideals above the different parties might help but this is less effective; if relationship partners can come to agree that the existence of a superior, ethical guide and judge is around that can “see through walls and into hearts” then this will help each person be always on guard with their behavior.  Especially in situations of poor cooperation, if one or both parties can consider putting God & Jesus’ teachings above all parties, this can help with peace, love and unity.
  17. Among diverse faiths, for harmony in relationships, consider affirming, encouraging and praying for expression of the virtues and well-intended traditions in one another’s religions. 
  18. Note that some European countries’ counselors acknowledge the possibility of “spiritual possession” in some mental illness conditions. (Jesus taught how to deal with this.)
  19. Note that unseen dark spiritual forces have been documented to especially mess with people who are unfamiliar with this phenomenon and unfamiliar with the information relayed and the Holy books of Jews, Catholics and Christians about how to protect themselves from these energies.
  20. Note that there are newer translations and understandings of the bible (New International Version, New Living Translation, NIV Study Bible & The Dead Sea Cave Scrolls found in the 1940-50s corroborated the bible stories were copied exactly over thousands of years.***  Clearing up misunderstanding and reviving appreciation for God’s — history and guidance can help residents consider reading the bible and incorporating the wisdom of the bible in their lives.
  21. Some of the early guidance from God in the bible, like the 10 Commandments is still relevant today.  Another early tip still relevant today was to “Treat foreigners fairly;”– God reminded the Israelites via Moses, that they were foreigners in Egypt. We might consider that many immigrants from Latin America are Catholic or Christian.  It also might help to consider that according to the bible, the people in the Middle East generally share the same father, Abraham.
  22. It is good to know that the U.S. Constitution directs our government to not impede our freedom to associate, not to impede our freedom of speech, nor the freedom of our press, nor impede our freedom to practice religion. The 9th Amendment protects any additional, unspecified rights that were not covered in the 1st Amendment. Because of the Declaration’s “under God” clause, **  it is possible that our founders were thinking only of the Christian, Jewish, Catholic faiths when they set up freedom to choose one’s religion in this country.  For example, how can dark religions be consistent with the “under God” concept?
  23. Some of our brothers and sisters have gender issues that stray from standard male and female templates. It is helpful to know there are sometimes smaller sized glands in one hemisphere of the male brain so that there are lower amounts of testosterone hormones released.  We also have an immense quantity of estrogen-mimicking hormones from human-made chemicals in our environments. These can be having some effect in babies as they develop. Over 300 chemicals have been found in umbilical chords!  Education and assistance for detoxing our environment and our bodies might help this issue.  According to the bible, YHVH loves all his children, and Jesus Christ appealed Y’s children to love one another as we love ourselves, as well as loving Y.  In the first 2 Chapters of the book of Romans, Paul, a listener of Christ, encourages Roman citizens to practice self-control.  Praying for a sound mind and body and help to rule out out malevolent spiritual forces meddling with these affected brothers and sisters might also help lessen stresses around gender issue phenomena.
  24. Paul, a clear listener of Jesus, in the New Testament, instructs “believers” that it is unwise to become “unequally yoked” to a non-believer for a serious partnership.  The analogy relates to how oxen at that time were yoked together with a piece of wood for plowing side by side.

* The following considerations relate to care of the body:  1. Blood Sugar: low blood sugar can make people irritable. Jerusalem Artichokes appear to help the cells absorb sugar.  2. Medicines/Drugs: some are harmful or can negatively alter one’s thinking and actions.  3. Allergenic & Inflammatory Responses to Environmental and Ingested Substances: humans today are surrounded by a slew of toxins, some are synthetic, some are also extremely tiny (nano-molecules) – these can also relate to human thinking and behavior and can effect one’s ability to communicate and act in optimum ways. (See this article: and book: and the book by an orthomolecular/environmental doctor: Brain Allergies: The Psychonutrient and Magnetic Connections, by William H. Philpott, M.D. and Dwight K. Kalita, Ph.D. – In this book or another one with a similar title, several individuals were put on a spring water dietary fast for 4 days then one food added at a time. First foods were things like green vegetables and rice. An adult man appeared normal yet after his favorite cream cheese was introduced he acted psychotic, rushing into the next room to sit under a table. Another story by the same researchers involved a 5 year old girl diagnosed as autistic who after a few days on the spring water diet, began making eye contact and gave a hug to her mother and start speaking. As food was introduced, 5 kinds of fruit including grapes caused the child to regress into the autistic state! The book was written in the 1980’s and there was no mention whether or not the grapes were tested to see if traces of pesticides were on them or we can wonder if they contained pesticides when originally introduced to the child. In that case could the body have tagged them as problematic and linked an allergic or inflammatory response to the fruits?

** The Declaration of Independence states in the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” (the LONNG Clause) that our country was founded on the concept that our nation could claim separate and equal status from England because under God we are equal; we are all children of God, and can equally follow God’s laws.    Also, we can interpret that according to the Laws of Nature’s God, each individual’s soul is of equal and great value: we can especially see this when Jesus, claiming to be one with God/YHVH, wants us to treat the least of us how we would treat him.

*** 1. In Genesis Chapter 1, verses 26-28,, (read Hebrew to English from right to left,) the Hebrew word that is translated to “have dominion over” means “reign.”  It is very important to consider this can be interpreted to mean humans can “wisely manage” the earth.  The other word in these verses is “subdue” – from a Hebrew word is associated with bondage.  The word subdue comes right after humans.  Could this possibly be translated that humans are bound to this planet, related to gravity – as compared to other conscious beings?

  1. There were major archaeological discoveries by Ron Wyatt in the 1980’s that corroborated important biblical stories: Noah’s Ark, The Red Sea Crossing, The Mt. Sinai events, and the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by 98 percent pure sulfur stones which burn so hot the fire is blue. Sulfur that pure is not found in nature, Wyatt noted. Another name for sulfur is “brimstone.”  This validates the scripture that “fire and brimstone” fell upon Sodom and Gomorrah.
  2. The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1946-56. These were ancient scrolls hidden in clay jars in multiple caves in the mountains outside of Israel. The jars contained fragments of copies of the books of Genesis and Isaiah. These were replicas of the current translations of these books that the Jews, Catholics and Christians have been using. This proved that the “Word of God”(guidance relayed to good-hearted intuitive listeners called “prophets”) did not get altered over thousands of years.  The book of Isaiah appears to foretell in several different chapters the coming of a messiah, a redeemer who Christians, Catholics and Messianic Jews believe to be Jesus Christ.
  3. 4. If we look at, (read Hebrew to English from right to left), the text says in Hebrew that humans were created by “elohim” –“we created them in our image.” It is possible that the elohim with a small “e” refers to a group, [angels or God’s helpers, or cultures aligned with God] while later there is Elohim with a big “E” which may refer to the group leader.  This and the different names for God could also be related to different scribes recording things differently. When humans get guidance in the bible, it is generally from “YHVH,” – which could be the sounds of these Hebrew letters: “Yod-Hai-Vav-Hai.”   Hai-Vay-Hai means “to be.”  Thus if Yod means “I” –the letters spell out “I Am.”   A listener of God heard to tell me that God  “doesn’t have a name” only “I AM” or “Self-Existent One.”  The term “God” comes from the times of Jesus when there were many Greek gods – so that God with a capital G, was presented as above all other “little g” gods.
  4. YHVH gives guidance via selected, good-hearted, not-rich, intuitive listeners called prophets. They were called prophets because what they predicted eventually occurred. YHVH, Jesus and the intuitive listeners model looking at people’s hearts, at their characters – not their outward appearances. If we will follow this model, we will eradicate racism and prejudice. 
  5. An important point is that scripture says both man and woman, “A-dam” אָדָ֛ם—meaning humankind, see, verse 35, read right to left) were created in the likeness and image of our creators “elohim.” Elohim is a plural word, not capitalized. (, verse 26.)
  6. Yesuah, son of Joseph and Mary of Nazareth, gained the spiritual Greek name ‘Iseous, meaning Son of God. ‘Iseous was translated to Jesus. Jesus simplified the previous laws, instructing followers to:   1. Love God with all your heart and soul and 2. Love one another as you love yourself.
  7. God cares for animals. Some of the animal sacrifice practices can seem a bit shocking. It is good to remember that these were ancient times and the Jews were shepherds and raised animals for the Egyptians. So animals were around them and helped them survive. YHVY/God demonstrates he cares for the animals by saving so many species on Noah’s
    Arc. In the ending chapters of Job, YHVH seems to have been attending to many animals and it is as if that is why it took so long for YHVH to appear to answer Job and his friends. At the end of the Jonah story when He mentions to intuitive listener Jonah that it was good to spare the innocent animals as well as the repentant people from destruction. In 2015, when a listener of YHVH was asked what the priority(ies) for Earth Day should be. The answer was a great sadness- “God is very sad about the South American rainforests. The species are very sad, they say ‘don’t kill every one of us, not every last one of us.’  The forests are getting burned down from all sides. Eventually they will come to the middle and nothing will be left. Every family wants their own acre.  People should concentrate on one acre and leave surrounding acres up.”
  8. Many do not notice that the Holy Bible recounts very ancient ways, and some shocking ancient dark religious ceremonies like infant sacrifice, for dark energy cultivation. YHVH /God assisted the Jews to completely demolish cultures that practiced infant sacrifice when they returned to “the promised land” from Egypt. Followers of YHVH were instructed to sacrifice certain animals in ancient times, which did sustain the priests and people at that time. Later, in the book of Isaiah, Chapter 1, God relays that animal sacrifice is not necessary – that obedience is more important than trying to compensate for errors by offering sacrifices.
  9. The laws in the U.S. were derived from biblical scripture. We can see in the book of Exodus the early laws YHVH gave the Jews after they were freed from slavery in Egypt. The laws offered the social structure of justice – of fair treatment for rich, poor and foreigners and consequences for harmful actions. (Note:  In the book of Genesis, Abraham did not lie about his wife being his sister to protect her when visiting Egypt. His wife was a half-sister.)
  10.  The part where Abraham takes his son up to the mountain and it looks like YHVH might have him offer his son as a sacrifice shocks many of us. We need to understand that Abraham was an intuitive listener of YHVH and he KNEW—he felt strongly– it was going to be alright. Many other cultures around them were sacrificing infants at that time, so it can be looked at like YHVH was indicating he was NOT like the other gods – but does require obedience.