by L.C. “Elsee”

Feb. 2, 2017, updated Feb. 21, 2017

The Hebrew Letters for God are generally  written as  YHWH and pronounced “Yahwey.”  It can be respectful to say “The LORD” because for some believers, God’s name is too sacred to say out loud. I recently read a blog post that indicated the letters YHVH are pronounced Yod-Hai-Va-Hai, and that “Hai-Va-Hai” is the verb “to be.” Yod sounds like Yo meaning “I” in Spanish. A listener of God relayed that God said to refer to (Him) “I Am” or  “The Self-Existent One.”  Because of these recent insights I believe the best translation is YHVH – “Yod-Hai-Va-Hai” rather than YHWH.  And maybe “Y” is a good nickname.

One reason to pronounce just the initials or only a nickname or say The LORD, is kind of to not call Y “in vain” or unnecessarily – to save calling Y for when we really want to connect.  However, it doesn’t hurt to try to stay connected throughout the day as well.

How can something be self-existent? Maybe YHVH is the culmination of the evolutionary process. It is possible that the process of evolution is a conscious process in betterment. A moth that lives around tree bark that becomes a new color evolves to match the new color of the trees. It can be consciously intending to improve in this way.

Maybe Yod-Hai-Va-Hai evolved in a different universe and then was able to create and know all about this one….???!!