by L.C. “Elsee” – updated 2/3/2018

The phrase in the bible where some people tend to think God tells people to “have dominion over” the creatures of the earth, looks like it can be translated to “reign over” the …..(verse 26) -highlight the Hebrew and Google it.

Benevolent and and wise humans would rule or “reign” benevolently and wisely. (verse 26-28)

The Hebrew word “subdue” – which also means “bondage” is used next. Right after humans. It could mean that humans are bound to this earth, It could be related to the feeling of gravity in comparison with the spiritual dimension.

Then the Hebrew letters really spell out “reign” again, when it is translated in the red ink to “dominion,” but if you Google it, the Hebrew term is really “reign.” This could be translated to “oversee.”


Also, as we learn when we pay attention to the basic points of the bible (New International Version, New Living Translation, Interlinear Version, — things go better for the humans that listen to God for guidance; things go better when God is the supreme leader.

This is important stuff!!

The following story, corroborates my understanding of the above bible translation:

In 2015, a day before Earth Day, I asked a specially gifted listener of God, what is the priority for helping the planet. The answer was to stop the South American tropical rain-forest fire destruction.   The listener said God was very sad– the listener felt great heavy sadness.  God and the species both were sad. The species said “Don’t kill every last one of us, not every one of us!”  The next days, the listener relayed that anthropological history and archaeological artifacts are important in this area. Important human history is still yet to be fully discovered and disclosed – see my post May 29, 2015.  The day after Earth Day 2015, the listener was drawn to relay a 2012 NOVA documentary about Pole Shift on YouTube.