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Dear President Obama and First Lady Michelle,

There are three very important things I’m suggesting you do before you leave office: 1. Initiate an accurate voting system 2. Educate residents about sustainable economics & 3. Facilitate a clarifying national bible study.

1.Another election would be a great way to settle the concern of Russia’s involvement skewing the results.  I do not think it is wise to allow a corrupted election to put someone who is racist, Commander in Chief of our military.  Here is how to have a cheap, simple, verifiable, election:  People gather at a site in or near their precinct(neighborhood). They elect a vote-counter from each party. Neighbors vote and watch trusted neighbors count their votes.  Each site calls in their agreed-upon results to a regional then state centers. Everyone watches via live TV/video streaming and verifies the math while the votes are added up.


It could build community if we had monthly gatherings just to make sure people are getting correct information about news items and there could be opinion polls at the same time at our local school gyms and libraries.


2.Educate residents about sustainable economics.  Please share the 17 minute video on Social Rebirth YouTube Channel about economic understandings. Also give links to UN videos like the one about our declining fish and resources. At the current rate of fishing, in 40 years our main stocks of fish will be depleted.


It makes sense to move to a “sustainable resource economy” and away from a “profit and resource depletion economy.”

It would be great if you can see if the U.S. Supreme Court can clarify the U.S. Constitutional 9th Amendment to include that living beings have the right to clean air, clean water, clean food (free of harmful, non-natural substances)!


3.Facilitate a National Bible Study, An Investigation of God & Peace.  –   I bring up the bible study idea because Trump has said he is a Christian.  An “anti-compassion” way could be seen as an “anti-Christ” way, in my opinion. Hopefully Trump’s recent service of giving out supplies to flood victims in Louisiana will continue. If all the presidential candidates and their families are included in these bible study sessions it would relay an image of unity around the important messages of caring  for the needy and valuing those unique individuals who can intuitively hear God.  It is a chance to dust off this book (there is a bible story about rediscovering and dusting off the scrolls!) and and see how it can be once again taken seriously, now that we know more of the science backing it up.  There are some misconceptions that can be corrected.

How I came to “see” God –  In 2014, I was one that wasn’t sure about God’s existence. I wasn’t sure God was a He. I wasn’t sure the translations were correct since the stories were so old. When I brought some of these concerns up to a very gifted, intuitive “Listener of God,” he heard to tell me to open the Bible (I was holding one) to Job, Chapter 38. I was having trouble finding it so I looked for the Table of Contents and I was having trouble finding that too, and the Listener heard to tell me,” Tell her to open it to the middle and turn a few pages.” I did and came right to the part! It is the part where God shows up and answers Job who has been afflicted and he and a few friends have been having a long conversation about God and why Job is in this state. There is one part in the bible that says God knows the number of hairs on our heads, and my experience seemed to corroborate that!  Job is not in the middle of other bibles I noticed later. Since then I have witnessed healing events and heard many more stories so that now I have a more open mind about the stories in the Bible and the helpful tips for us that we would do well to heed.

The science behind the Bible – Many of us since the mid 50’s have been seriously doubting the Holy Bible’s fantastical stories. However, our scientists now can say there is statistical probability of  other intelligent life in our universe. With this understanding we might look at some of the wild events in the Holy Bible, witnessed by many people at the time, as entirely possible. Traditions still occurring today, like Passover and Christmas, help to further validate some of these historical events.

Important Archaeological Findings – In the 1980’s and ’90’s Ron Wyatt made amazing discoveries! His intuition and research led him to the limestone cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in ashes with sulfur pellets still present. Sulfur burns so hot there is a blue flame. Lab tests indicated the sulfur was 98 percent pure. Sulfur is not pure like this in nature. The prophet Ezekiel in Chapter 16, Verse 49 says one reason for the destruction by God for these cities was that residents were not giving the needy food despite having plenty to share! (  Wyatt and his team found a gold-plated chariot wheel and coral growths around what looked like chariot wheels and axles on the sea floor at the Red Sea crossing area. He found a single huge stone pillar at each side of the crossing with writing inscribed on them. Among the words were YHWY (Hebrew term for God), Moses, Egypt and Solomon. Wyatt hypothesized the pillars were placed there by King Solomon. Ron Wyatt has his own museum and there is much video footage of these findings available on YouTube. His first findings were of the remains of what looked like a huge boat in the mountains around Mt. Ararat.  The vessel is the exact same length described in the Holy Bible of Noah’s Ark. The country of Turkey verified the findings and built a visitors center there. I was brought to YouTube videos of Wyatt’s findings by a listener of God. There is evidence of advanced metallurgy used to connect the many beams and evidence of wood lamination as well!  Sumerian records written in stone tablets speak of a flood, a large ark – ark means box – and a dove.


Noah’s Ark – The sides were covered in earth and low-budget Wyatt prayed for a miracle from God; an unusual earthquake occurred to help with the research! Advanced metallurgy found in the many rivets and wood-connecting plates.  The length exactly matches up with the description in the bible. Anchor stone – better picture shows crosses carved into the stone – hypothesized from the Crusaders in the Middle Ages:




Cities of Sodom & Gomorrah: 98% pure sulfur pellets found. There are no known places to find sulfur this pure in nature on earth. The cities look like mountain ranges from the roads in the area. Up close the geometric details are more apparent.  The bible says “it rained fire and brimstone.” Brimstone is another name for sulfur.



Red Sea Crossing: The logical place of the crossing was thousands of feet shallower than either side of this area. Gold-plated chariot wheel seen on water bottom; wood decomposed completely. Coral doesn’t grow on gold. Blue picture appears to be one of several isolated coral growths outlining chariot wheels on axles – wood decomposed and gone:




Solomon’s Pillars Marked the Crossing.  Mt. Sinai has a dark peak and there were paintings at the bottom on rock that look like paintings Egyptian paintings of cows. Mt. Sinai is where Moses was in a cloud with God for 40 days. While he was gone Aaron led the Jews in melting jewelry and making a statue of a cow. This was a false idol – it made Moses so mad he broke the stone 10 Commandments when he showed up with them.



Not everyone knows that the Dead Sea Scrolls, found between 1947-1956 contained about 20 copies of parts of the book Isaiah. The surviving parts indicate the text has been carefully copied and preserved over thousands of years — the stories appear to be unchanged over all that time.


We’ve taken God out of everything & allowed dark religions to invade our culture. – A serious look at the Bible might help get our nation on the same page about the importance of helping the needy, of impressing God rather than other people, of treating foreigners fairly, caring for species (see Job, Chapters 38-40), of self-control and wise action. A serious bible study can help to reaffirm the social guidelines that our  laws are derived from.  Let’s revive the phrase in our Declaration of Independence – that our country claimed the right to exist with separate yet equal status from England because of  “the Law of Nature, and Nature’s God.”  (the “The LONNG Clause”)  This is the preamble and FOUNDATION to our Constitution as I see it.  It will help if we can teach some of the history and guidance we have in the Holy Bible in our schools; we can compare and contrast these teachings with other religions. Taking God out of things has allowed dark religious themes to get a front place in our schools, libraries, and entertainment in this country.  The serious belief in the power and authority of God and of being watched and judged by God and His helping angels and the promise of a better after-life experience tends to help people be motivated to have self-control and good behavior.  There is also more free assistance for health care – this assistance is only available if people believe it is possible.

A strong connection with God is how many avoid and recover from addictions.  Some gifted “seers” say specific controlling entities come with the drug. That can be why bible study and strong personal connection to God has been the most effective way of drug recovery.

God gives second chances to those who sincerely are willing to change. God is on the side of truth, light, love, law, unity, survival of our species. God has a history of protecting species.  God takes many forms– sometimes the Holy Spirit, or the breath that first moved over the water on our planet–sometimes a father figure. The father figure is in my opinion is helpful to get our men subservient to a higher, incorruptible, ultimate authority.

God as the Commander and Chief – We can see in the Holy Bible, guidance for dealing with tensions in the world without killing the people; in the early stories, God did direct and assist Jews to wipe out cultures that were beyond correction. The cultures were sacrificing infants and worshiping gods who were not aligned with light, truth and love. If those battles had not occurred these practices would be everywhere today. God has historically been the only entity who has directed killing.

Listeners of God – To take the Holy Bible seriously, one has to acknowledge that some people are specially gifted as very clear listeners of God.  Moses, who had spent 40 years in the desert, shepherding, was the only one who could hear God amidst about 2 million Jews. The listeners of God, the prophets, were good-hearted and sincere.

How to fight without killing / Spiritual Warfare – Jesus, a listener, a prophet, “God’s one and only son,” showed us how to fight without killing. He demonstrated how to be spiritual warriors.  Can we consider aligning with and consulting God in our domestic and foreign policy? Can we look at the history of other religious texts and find if the texts have been altered over time, or interpreted literally when maybe the intent was figurative? Can we consider enlisting the power of prayer, obedience to God, and the stated and demonstrated ways of clearing unseen negative energies from conflict zones?

Important stories to review – It can be helpful to read how God guided the Jews in the desert as they were freed from Egyptian slavery. There were about 2 million people and they survived 40 years– until the generation that knew of the ways of Egyptians died.  The books in the Holy Bible called Deuteronomy and Numbers have some related stories.

It can be helpful to read books Samuel 1 and 2 about how the people wanted a king and God had Samuel pick out Saul, even though God warned against it. Later Saul listened to his men, and not God.  Human leaders are easily corrupted, and don’t see the bigger picture.

One’s outward appearance or material wealth is not what’s important – It is very important to point out the nature of one’s heart, one’s character, is important, not one’s outward appearance. Obedience to God is also important. (Some of the many Jewish guidelines were updated and simplified to when Jesus said just love God, and love one another like you love yourself.

Just start by reading some key parts with an open mind. We don’t need to read all of the Holy Bible at first, just some key parts closely with an open mind. Newer translations are important – an older King James Version translated “one horned beast” to “unicorn,” when God could have been talking about a rhino in Chapter 39, verse 9 of the book of Job. School children are taught to classify writings about unicorns as fiction.

Grounds for China taking an interest in God and the Holy Bible – The dragon-like sea creature mentioned in Chapter 40 of Job could be a starting point to get the Chinese leaders to look seriously at the Holy Bible. Some of the dragon lore can be traced to a “dragon triangle” where many ships have disappeared at sea.

Check out and It can help to show residents in the U.S. how to look at the web page and note the original Hebrew to English and how to read it backwards. And note the New Testament Greek to English. Look at the words for God (YHWY “Yahweh,” elohim and Elohim) in Genesis!

I hope your read this soon!! Maybe you two can help!

Sincerely, Linda C. “Elsee” Redman, B.A. Peace and Global Studies.  / YouTube channel: Eco Peace Vision / FB: US Peace Movement-s.c.o.j.h.e.v