Dear Pres. Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton,

I encourage you both to continue helping our domestic and foreign policy by delving into the (NIV or NLT) of the Holy Bible and considering getting very aligned with God – which also means as I see it, getting in line with the clarifications that Jesus brought.

Please read the parts of Deutronomy and Numbers where God is giving direct guidance to the Jews via Moses. Read also the books of Samuel which clarify the importance of placing God above earthly kings or leaders.  NOTE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS FOR LEADERS TO LISTEN TO GOOD-HEARTED INTUITIVE LISTENERS OF GOD AND TO FOLLOW GOD’S GUIDANCE.  Note that the Psalms were mostly from David when he was being chased by Saul who was out to kill him. He was appealing for help and it appears he got it. He kept the lines of communication strong with God.

Re-read the New Testament – you may appreciate how erudite Paul was.

Check out the very short book of Jonah. He was a listener who couldn’t get away from his obligation to tell the King of Ninevah that the whole city was completely off-track and about to be destroyed by God if they didn’t admit to their error; they were worshiping the fish god – who was not going to save thier souls, so they were heading towards everlasting death anyway in God’s eyes.

Note around chapter 17 of Leviticus how many cultures in the very ancient times were worshiping gods or dieties or fallen angelic beings or following superstitions that led the people, even Jews to sacrifice thier infants for some material gain, some gain in this life.  Chronicles 2 I believe also mentions other off-track practices.

Note in  – The major sin that was spoken of was not helping the needy when there was excess.

The hope for our nation is if you ALL can get cleared spiritually from any deceptions and even unify to align with God.

If we can put God first, that will help our nation “great again.”

Also note the real safety we can gain by sharing the true teachings of God and Jesus with other nations, other leaders. We are instructed to go forth and spread the good news of the messages of Jesus.

If you still are hesitant to believe in the possibility of God’s existence, look at the Jewish traditions. Isn’t it possible that they exist to mark real, historic events worthy of remembering?  Look at the book of Job, when God finally answers Job, God mentions he has been busy, around such creatures as “a one-horned beast” (see the interlinear version) and the last creature mentioned which sounds like a dragon of the deep…how do we know, this could be a real living being on another planet….   The other thing to look at is the interlinear version genesis – the many Hebrew words for God (Elohim, YHWH, Spirit) and the group, “we created (humans) in our image” (elohim).

Anyone else reading I hope will look seriously at these stories. Any of us can try to be listeners and discerners of The Way. We have a long history of carefully preserved guidance! The Dead Sea Scrolls corroborate that the Holy Bible stories have been accurately protected over thousands of years.

Thanks for listening!

Shalom. May we follow the Way.