L.C. “Elsee” Redman

Progressives are often good-hearted and logic-oriented. Of course callous, blantant liars like the guy who is claiming the 2016 presidential election and Rush Limbaugh types completely shock many of us.

I want to suggest reading the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament Gospels and note how Jesus modeled clearing out negative entities from many afflicted people. malevolent entities are still around us; “ghost hunter” – type shows. Stealth spiritual warfare is real. How to fight dark energies is to call on the name of Jesus Christ to summon the Holy Spirit and cast out these malevolent spirits. In the name of Jesus, we can ask that chains created by deceptive, heavy entities be broken so that the person can again connect with God, good-will, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The book of Jonah  in the Holy Bible is only a few pages.  It can be a bit of an analogy to what is going on with US culture. God has been taken out of “everything.”  God is not happy with this. A modern day listener reported in 2014. We are perhaps a society similar to the people who Jonah was sent to.  In the story, the people of the city of Nineva were worshiping gods, fish gods. Jonah finally gets there to bring this sort of message to the king: “Repent, you and everyone in this city- say you were off-track,– and your city will be spared from complete ruin by God.” Because they laid down and humbly put on sack cloths and ashes and sincerely repented, God spared the city. Progressives, are you/we ready to humbly, just in case, admit maybe it is possible that God might be for real?  It is a dramatic act, but is anyone willing to lay down and put a dab of ashes on thier forehead? Sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit, but the point is to be truly open to being humble and obedient before a higher, creative intelligence, that is bigger than we can imagine.

God backs up the desire for goodness. God takes those who appear weak and makes them leaders. The stories of Moses and David illustrate this. The story of the Jews illustrates this. God takes the haughty and brings them down. There are stories of this too.

God is the only one who is supposed to direct any killing-the cities that God oversaw the complete destruction of were places where the entire culture was off track and worshiping gods who were not really for the welfare of the people; some of the customs were to sacrifice infants. We have been in wars in the Middle East maybe thinking civil cultures could and should try to “win” over inhumane cultures. Jesus modeled how to do this with the Roman soldiers. We win by making friends of our enemies. We also win by aligning with God for back up.

The longstanding traditions of the Jews like the one called Passover, serve to validate historical events. Passover marks the time when their houses were passed over and their infant sons were not killed (because they were instructed to place lamb’s blood over thier doors) while some “angels” –helpers from above– killed the first born Egyptian sons and animals in the final act that freed them from slavery. (Interestingly enough, many years later Jesus died during the Passover celebration weekend.)

So, are progressives going to consider calling on God at this time?  If one doesn’t consider that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit may exist, then these important forces really aren’t available.  The “Prophets” were listeners of God; they were listeners who accurately predicted future events and helped believers survive.  When Moses was a listener, there were about 2 million people he was leading out of captivity to “the promised land.”  Listeners are rare, but they are around. Often they don’t get listened to – it is basically like not listening to God. Since most of us do not hear God clearly, we can look at many stories that have been found to have been accurately passed down through the ages. The New International Version of the bible at is a good one to read some of. Check out some of the guidance of God and Jesus, consider getting baptized (which means “full immersion”).

Don’t let negative energies throw you off balance – instead pray and command them “in Jesus Christ’s name” to go to the abyss!   This can’t hurt, and at the very least can be an experiment. One has to be a bit open minded.

Also look at – read the Hebrew to English right to left. Look at the names for God: elohim, YHWY (It might have been the sound of the individual Hebrew letters), it talks about a group of elohim, “we made them (humans) in our image,” sometimes Elohim, with a capitol E – the leader perhaps is used.

Spiritual help? Key Techniques? Outside help?  In my opinion and based on historical and contemporary facts, these are definite possibilities