Nov. 15, 2016, 9 p.m., updated 11/16/2016, 9:23 a.m., 11/18/2016, 11:15 p.m., 12/8/2016, 10:52 a.m. – by L.C. “Elsee” Redman

Please join me in requesting our U.S. Supreme Court to clarify our founding legal documents to better steer our nation towards ecology, wise leadership & peaceful culture….(Is there a group of civil rights attorneys who can help with this motion?)

The Motion to Clarify Founding Documents to Better Align Our Nation with High Ideals:

We call for our Supreme Court to immediately clarify:

  1. Our #1 & #2 Environmental Laws

Our country’s mission statement is in our founding legal document, the Declaration of Independence, when it says that this country was founded under the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” (the “LONNG” clause). The Constitution builds on the LONNG clause. We call on our U.S. Supreme Court Justices to clarify that LONNG clause indicates protecting the integrity of nature and of protecting species and treating all living beings with respect and dignity. Amendment 9 of our Constitution states that just because certain rights are listed in the Amendment 1, that other unnamed rights shall be retained by the people. We call on our Supreme Court Justices to clarify that Amendment 9 can be seen as another primary law to protect our environment, as clean air, clean water, healthy, accessible food, shelter and species protection all are basic rights.

2. The definition of Legitimate Leaders:

 We call on the high court to clarify that candidates with a recent record of hateful and or deceitful words and actions are not qualified for any leadership role at any level of government.  The LONNG statement in our Declaration of Independence indicates a general intention of fostering cooperation between atheists, agnostics, native american religions, and the Jewish, Catholic and Christians faiths — these were the  around at the time of the nation’s founders.

3. Considerate treatment for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters:

We request our high court justices to clarify that God (in the holy books of Deuteronomy and Romans) encourages people who are having out-of-the-norm sexual inclinations to practice self-control.  The guidance relates to the healthy role-modeling and continuation of our species.  We call on our Justices to clarify that God indicates that it is not for humans to judge one another, that all will be judged by God after we die. We are to be civil to one another. Our Supreme Court Justices can also clarify that many toxic chemicals have been found to be similar to estrogen hormones, and this may relate to this issue. Justices can clarify that God’s guidance is to care for our bodies as our temples.  Whether or not Atheists, Agnostics, Non-God-affirming Native American  agree that people should be civil to one another and to assess if chemicals are part of the issue, we call on our high court justices to note that the 9th Constitutional Amendment shall uphold fair and considerate treatment of all U.S. residents a basic right.

4. Clarify “The Law of Nature and Nature’s God” as understood by our founding lawmakers & Reviving Character Education

We call on our Supreme Court Justices to clarify that our nation’s founders intended our residents to seek points of unity in their personal philosophies. As far as religions mentioning God, our founding lawmakers were only thinking of Catholicism, Judaism, Christianity at that time. It may be noted that many of our laws, such as do not steal, do not kill, do not lie in court are from these teachings. We need this clarified so that we  validate Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Atheism, Agnosticism and Native American Faiths as primary faiths in our culture.  Thus we can teach stories and quotes of these in our schools.  Our residents should know that there is a history of God demolishing entire cultures that were worshiping statues of unhelpful gods, practicing wizardry and sacrificing infants. Without this clarification, the moral guidance and wise teachings of God, Jesus and other moral thinkers are absent from classes, text books, fiction, holidays, movies. In the void of taking God, Goodness, Light and Love out of our culture, Anti-God,  Dark themes, stories and media are filling this void. People in the U.S. have religious freedom, but there should be a general encouragement of teaching, validating, appreciating and sharing the history and teachings of God and Good-oriented cultural guides with all residents in the U.S. and world. Residents should know that God  has a history of helping good-hearted humans who are willing to believe in and serve [Him]. God has good intent as recorded in the Holy Bible, the Torah and the Catholic holy texts.  Students can be encouraged to honor and understand the strengths of their parent’s philosophies and know virtuous role-models in their faith. Students should learn that now or in the past many times most people could not see or hear God, but some select individuals could see or hear Him. Students should know that God has a history of not favoring based on outward appearance or wealth. God has a history of judging people by the good-will in their hearts, and obedience to His will. God has a history of caring for species. 

5. Clarify it is OK for leaders to call for prayer and religious intervention in our domestic and foreign policy:

Justices can clarify that according to our God-oriented faiths, it is not a good idea for any leader to accomplish a goal without listening and following God’s guidance.  Even if a leader is Atheist, Agnostic or of Native American faith in public office, it won’t hurt to seek council from sincere listeners of God.  Jesus modeled to view those who are filled with hate, rage, mental confusion, physical illness and other negative tendencies to be seen as possessed by one or more negative spirits and to be commanded to the abyss by one or more sincere disciples of Jesus. Since a great many of our residents believe in God, it will be respectful and perhaps wise if the president will meditate and look at what advise is in the Jewish, Catholic and Christian texts and listen to advisers who can clearly hear God’s guidance. God is known to many as a guide who is above corruption.

 6. Clarify the importance of listeners of God:

We call on our Supreme Court Justices and lawmakers and our president to clarify and uphold that multiple, valid, historic records exist that indicate God has communicated through the ages with unique good-hearted, male and female “listeners.” These listeners are national treasures and must be protected.

7. The helpful role of our Jewish brothers and sisters:

We call on our Justices to affirm that it continues to be helpful for Jews in this country to keep the 10 commandments and observe their traditional holidays because this helps to affirm the history of God’s help. We call on our Justices to clarify that the Jews were originally shepherds, who brought animals to Egyptians before God chose to raise them up as the His first chosen people.

8. Adam and Eve story connects us to Africa:

We call on our Justices to clarify that DNA testing indicates that first humans — perhaps Adam and Eve — appear to originate in Africa. Thus, all residents of the U.S.and world are linked biologically to African ancestors. Our residents should know and appreciate African history, which includes very dark-skinned pharaohs, kings and women leaders. 

9. Affirming Jesus:

We call on our Justices to affirm that Yesuah, son of Joseph of Nazerath, Jesus Christ, appears to have existed and to have been a sincere listener of God, a good role-model for compassion, healing the needy and being obedient to God’s will. Thus our residents can at least be informed of some of his basic guidance: to love God and to loving one another as we love ourselves. 

10. Why not just affirm people’s choice to believe in any form of divinity?

We call on our Justices to clarify some problems with some faiths.  Some belief systems approve of people worshiping idols, or statues.  In the holy texts of the the Jews, Christians and Catholics, God is clearly against idol worship because “little g” gods are not able to assist humans like God is.  Another reason is that some faiths teach that a person’s soul can just reincarnate into new life forms on planet earth for eternity. Is this a good plan for the long run on our planet, which has a finite time of existence?  What happens if our planet get hit by a huge asteroid, or the sun dies and expands to encompass our planet, or our magnetic shield collapses as it can in the next 500 years in our current pole shift?  See the 2012 NOVA Documentary about pole shift on YouTube.  Our Justices can clarify that it is OK to teach that God has indicated that if believers  stay connected to Him, that our souls will go to the light, to a different dimension. Our Justices can clarify that the J-C-C teachings also say that all souls will be judged at the same time – at the time of the return of Jesus Christ.