Nov. 14, 2016, 11:47 a.m. by L.C. “Elsee” – Look for petition on….

How to help love trump hate:

I am appealing to U.S. residents for a civil culture, and our judges and lawyers to request the Supreme Court to immediately clarify that the general intent of our founders is in in the Declaration of Independence: this founding legal document states that this country was founded under the “Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” (the “LONNG” clause),  as well as the Constitution. I want the legal branch, as well as the legislative and presidential branches and our residents, to agree that the key intent of our nation is actually to live in alignment with God, and appreciate and cultivate compassionate hearts, and obedience to God.  It is my understanding from personal experience that God exists, that we have a higher consciousness who can help us, that God has a history of helping good-hearted humans, who are willing to believe in and serve [Him]. God has good intent as recorded in the Holy Bible, the Torah and the Catholic holy texts.

I am asking others to join me in calling our high court to clarify our founders intended our nation to be aligned with God. God has a history of not showing favor based on outward appearance or wealth. God has a history of judging people by the good-will in their hearts, and obedience to His will. God has a history of caring for species.  God’s guidance is to view those who are filled with hate, rage, mental confusion, negative tendencies to be seen as possessed by a negative spirit and to be prayed over and if they will have a tendency to be interested in being filled with the Holy Spirit and to listen to and follow God’s will, a water immersed “baptized” disciple of God can command any negative spirits to go to the abyss from the individual. I am asking others to join me in asking that our Supreme Court and other leaders also clarify that God is the one who should be directing any killing; so the president should be listening to advisers who can clearly hear God as “Commander in Chief.”

I am calling on our Supreme Court to advise our military personnel to follow the intent of our founding fathers, families and documents and only follow leaders who are following God’s will.

It is my understanding that the founding fathers and their wives only were thinking of Catholicism, Judaism, Christianity, and the Native religions when they said protected freedom of religion. God appears to encourage us to share the stories of His guidance through the ages, not in a forceful, intimidating way, but sharing it as “good news.”

Justices can clarify and uphold that God has appeared to communicate with good-hearted “listeners” called prophets and prophetesses, The Justices can clarify that the Old Testament and Torah guidance for the Jews to keep special holidays and specifically the  10 commandments.  The Justices can clarify that the 10 commandments and Jesus do not make divorce illegal.  That Jesus Christ, appears to  be a valid prophet, and aligned with God’s will; and followers of Jesus can focus on following the simple guidance of loving God, loving for one another as we love ourselves.  Our Justices can clarify that continues to be helpful for Jews in this country to keep the 10 commandments and observe their traditional holidays because this helps to affirm the historical validity of the events related to God’s help for His chosen people, the Jews.  It can help our nation to note that the Jews were shepherds, who brought animals to Egyptians before God chose to raise them up as listeners and servants.  It can also help to note that DNA testing indicates that first humans, such as Adam and Eve, appears to originate near north Africa. and the history of dark-skinned people is important history shared by all humans. Thus, all residents of the U.S. have a history of African relatives  that includes some who where pharohs, kings and also women leaders.

It is my understanding that God would encourage people who are having out-of-the-norm sexual inclinations to practice self-control.  It is my understanding that God would have people read the New Testament especially the first chapters in the book of Romans.  Our Justices can note that God indicates that it is not for humans to judge one another, that all will be judged by God after they die. We are to be civil to one another.  Our Supreme Court Justices can also clarify that many toxic chemicals have been found to be similar to estrogen hormones, and our residents should acknowledge this as an issue and that God’s guidance is to care for our bodies as our temples.

The Supreme Justices can clarify that candidates with a recent record of hate and mal-intent words and actions and who are not willing to protect and listen to good-hearted, popularly accepted “listeners”,of God, are not qualified candidates for any leadership role at any level of government.

It is my understanding that God does not like to have been taken out of everything in the U.S.