For about $4 you can make a loom from a $2 cross stitch wooden ring and about $2 or less for some flat brass-colored office tacks that would normally open to secure papers together.  You can purchase the wooden ring and look at a box with more expensive looms and see how to work the yarn around the loom at  JoAnn’s Fabrics.

The pattern is basically to weave a loop to the inside around each peg. Make another ring of loops. Then lift the bottom loop from the outside over the top loop.  It might be really worth it to better secure the pegs with thin strips of duct tape, also available at JoAnn’s Fabrics.

Consider gifting one to a homeless person with yarn and demonstrate the wrapping pattern.  Also consider befriending a homeless person and giving them a hand in other ways.  You or someone you know can make a guest house for them in a back or side yard or driveway.  Maybe a moving chicken coop can be made for a back yard and a garden box to help them have more healthy food in their diet. The gift of encouragement and prayer is of fundamental importance too!

Thanks for reading. Let’s make hats!!!