The UP Movement

by  L.C.“Elsee” Redman


October 6, 2016 – 11:50 a.m., updated at 8:18 p.m.

This is a proposal to see how many people can join together from the “Progressive Left” and the “Religious Right” can agree on these following principles; it is also to see if Christians, Catholics and Messianic Jews and Jews can agree on most of these statements.

Progressives: Note that I AM and Jesus encourage caring for the earth with respect as it is like a mother to us, and to care for our bodies as they are like a temple to us, and to lend a hand to those in need. Note that we have a founding law (see next paragraph) that would compel our corporations to uphold these principles if we can get Supreme Court judges to uphold this law.

I AM-based mission statement for US

Some of us believe it is a good idea to consider the the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as mission statements; so that the goal of our nation isn’t economic prosperity, but rather to be a nation aligned with “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.”   Many of us believe that “God” (who I understand wants to be called “I AM”) is an intelligent, very powerful, visible and invisible, being who is recorded to have assisted and guided about 2 million Jews with many animals during the Exodus from Egypt.  Some of us agree that  “Jesus Christ” also represents the guidance of “I AM.”

The possibility of other intelligent iife in the universe

Many of our scientists agree that it is more than highly likely that there are the building blocks for other intelligent life in our universe.  Some of us believe it is possible that humans have had and can continue to have the help of a vast, incomprehensible consciousness that can, as claimed, see through walls and into our hearts. Some of us believe that it is possible for a vast and incomprehensible consciousness to have created our planet, and all the species on our planet – as is claimed by I AM.

I AM relays that we should fear nothing but [Him]. Thus if we ever come into contact with other forms of intelligent life, some of us feel it won’t hurt to be open to be in good relation with I AM in case we want to call on I AM’s assistance for discernment and protection.

Historical perspective for ancient ways in the Old Testament

The Old Testament records ways of life thousands of years ago, awhile after the last Ice Age.  Much of the time was before agriculture was going well and there were animals being raised for nourishment and clothing.  The priests at the Temple relied on the sacrificing and roasting of the animals for food.   There were cultures around at the time that were honoring gods that called for the sacrificing of infants to give them power. This is considered by I AM to create dark, chaotic energy that is in opposition to the I AM’s energy of light and love.

Jewish traditions validate historical events

Where did the Jews come from?  It is my understanding that they were originally shepherds and brought animals to Egypt. It is my understanding that the Egyptians didn’t like this “dirty” work.  Like the stories of David, and the king in the story of Daniel, I AM raises the low to great heights and takes down, or humbles, those who are proud and haughty.

According to the Holy Bible, the Jewish people were chosen  by I AM to be role models to guide the rest of humanity  and were given 10 Commandments for guidance after they were freed after their slavery in Egypt.  Some of us agree that it is possible the recorded history indicates I AM wanted the Jews to get away from Egyptian customs like praying to statues, or idols, of Egyptian gods and that is why the one-month journey took during 40 years in the desert. They were guided to survive by gathering manna, a sweet, nourishing substance each morning. Later when they were told to take a holy day of rest on the Sabbath, enough manna for two days was collected on the prior day.

(See for the English translation of the Hebrew stone tablets given to Moses– READ Hebrew to English FROM RIGHT TO LEFT.

According to the book of Exodus, the Jewish people were told by I AM through Moses, to keep the holiday of Passover forever, to remember how I AM saved them from Egyptian captivity: after the many plagues by I AM to attempt the Pharaoh to release the Jews, the final one involved the Jews killing a lamb, eating it, placing the blood over their doors, and being ready to leave. Their homes were “passed over” that night so the firstborn children and animals of the Egyptians were killed and not the firstborn of the Jews. Then Pharaoh and all the Egyptians readily allowed them to leave and even take abundant gold, silver and animals with them.

The tradition of “redeeming” –“obtaining release by means of payment” –of firstborn animals and  – I believe–of a righteous life of firstborn children especially–is another tradition that I AM instructed [His people] to keep doing to mark the Passover historical event:  and (READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT) Verse 29-31 indicates I AM instructed [His followers] a time to hold a special day of rest and Atonement, once a year for the forgiveness of sins, and to keep doing this as a permanent law.

How did the Jews get into slavery in Egypt? A family of brothers had given their youngest brother Joseph, who was favored by their father up as a slave to passing Egyptians. It appeared that I AM was with Joseph and he became a helper of the Pharaoh. Later there happened to be a drought and his brothers came begging for food to the Pharaoh’s area and Joseph helped them out. This family stayed and later their numbers grew and they became slaves.  In another story, the Jewish society was getting off-track, worshiping idols and they succumbed to Babylonian captivity. During this time the Jews wrote down and were instructed by I AM to repeat the Torah, the stories of their history until the death of Moses, from beginning to end continuously.  This custom helps them remember this history, and how things go well when they follow I AM’s guidance.  The first 5 books of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.

We can see why many Jewish people feel it is their duty to uphold these traditions, which have helped us all to remember these important historic events.

I AM wants us to give a hand to the needy

We can agree that among other things I AM instructed listeners to care for those who needed a hand. We can agree that one listener of I AM was Ezekiel, and he relayed that one of the reasons that I AM destroyed the city of Sodom was that there was plenty of food but there were still hungry people in the city.  See, verse 49, READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT. I AM eradicated off-track cultures! There are many more places in the Holy Bible where listeners are instructed to give a hand of assistance for those who are down.

This relates to US foreign policy & establishing a US culture of peace

I AM directed and assisted relatively small groups of Jews in eradicating entire cultures that were off-track, who worshiped dark-energy gods who asked for infant sacrifice which fuel ed divisive, undermining enemy forces.  These entire groups of people had no hope of recovery at that time.  If this wasn’t done at that time, there would be way more off-track practices today!  Followers of I AM only killed when instructed to by I AM.  We can agree that there is a story of King Saul in the book of Samuel tells of when King Saul did not follow I AM’s guidance and did not kill every animal and the king of an off-track city, it became an example of disobedience and how people—kings especially– can go astray if they listen to other people instead of I AM.

 I AM instructs not to sacrifice infants  –  People who are reverent and have sensible reservation about going against such a powerful being as the one that parted the seas and freed the Jews from Egypt by creating things like a river of blood, the plagues of frogs, gnats, flies, livestock, boils, hail, of darkness, locusts, three days of darkness, and then the plague of the firstborn of the Egyptians.

I AM’s guidance to not pray to false“idols” or “little g” gods—who aren’t helpful anyway

Here is an example of how the ancient Jewish people could get off-track and sacrifice to gods and idols of goats:  , verse 7.   Another example is with King Solomon who at first is said to have been rewarded by I AM for asking for wisdom over other things, but then over time, he married many women and some worshiped misguiding gods.  Then he even built places for these gods on nearby hills! (Read , verses 1-13)  Other times in the bible are in the chapters of 2 Chronicles (at – read this one and the next several chapters.) This book records how when king aligned with, and listen to, I AM, the people win battles and maintain their kingdom. It also shows how they lose their back-up when they fall away from the LORD.  (We can notice how important parenting and a supportive community is to people to help them stay “plugged in” to I AM.)

Yesuah, a “Cornerstone,” a Directional Change, a Redeemer

The first 6 books of the New Testament appear to be testimonials, like evidence one would present in court to prove the validity of an event; the books Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts contain eye-witness accounts of the life and guidance of Jesus Christ.  (Jesus is a spiritual name from the Greek word ’Iseous meaning “son of God,” pronounced Jeesious in Greek.)

Yesuah, son of Joseph, was of the Jewish descendant of the family of David. There was a relative that was not considered Jewish, but since she worked in alignment with I AM that is debatable.  Some archaeologists like Ron Wyatt believe Yesuah probably learned the practical skill of stone masonry (rather than carpentry) and also it appears he was a rabbi since one account in the NT says he was allowed go into the Temple and call the scroll of Isaiah.   Many Jews think they are Jews by genes. However, the Old Testament book Esther, , verse 17, indicates that at that place and time, many non-Jews decided to to follow I AM and then called themselves Jews. In the book of Esther in the Holy Bible, Esther, a Jew in Persia who had become a leader and had helped save the Jewish people there.  After this amazing victory, many of the Persians became Jews, because they came to believe in Esther’s  “God.”

Followers of Christ believe he/He was the awaited Messiah, or ambassador of I AM, and some view him also as a “redeemer” of human’s off-track ways.  The Jewish leaders didn’t see this possibility at the time and most still do not see this currently. One reason for this is that it is my understanding that they are following I AM’s guidance after their off-track ways and then Babylonian captivity, to read the first 5 books of the Old Testament, The Torah, word for word, again and again.

Maybe Jewish leaders at the time of Jesus were not looking for a redeemer,  but for a warrior like Jacob to help them overcome  Roman occupation.

Most of us believe Christ showed us a Way of Peace, beyond organized religion and human-made temples. (Some of us believe that many of our churches today are getting off-track with caring for buildings over people.)  Some of us believe the Way of Peace as demonstrated by Jesus represents continued guidance from I AM.  Also the first chapter of Isaiah indicates that I AM wants obedience, not animal sacrifices.  At this point many Israeli Jews may not be reading the book of Isaiah and getting this message. So if they are successful in rebuilding their Temple they may think they need to start doing animal sacrifices again.

Many of us can agree that Jesus updated, clarified and simplified, revamped the many laws (around 600!) that Jewish leaders thought were necessary at the time; we can agree that according to the New Testament, Jesus taught that the laws of I AM could be simplified to: 

  1. Love God/I AM and
  2. Love one another as you love yourself

He also taught these guidelines:

  1. Keep the purification ceremony of baptism,(which also helps us remember that Jesus existed) and also to become baptized in the Holy Spirit, and to use the Holy Spirit by invoking his name as way to spiritually overcome the enemy.
  2. Keep the tradition of believers remembering Christ by coming together and sharing bread and wine and remembering that he was here in the flesh and had living blood at one time.
  3. Those who follow his teachings are like one body, the people and actions are the living temple of righteous actions; not a building. (Christ is referred to as a cornerstone, a new turn of guidance for a more matured human culture. Followers are called friends, whereas before the Jews were treated more like children learning the first, life-saving lessons like obedience.)
  4. To care for our bodies as our temples
  5. To care for the earth with respect as it is like a mother to us
  6. To oppose profiteering in a temple building
  7. To try and stayed married rather than seek divorce, if possible
  8. Not to chant repeatedly as some Jews do, but to instead offer a singular prayer like this: “Our Father, in heaven, greatly adored and revered by Thy name, May Your kingdom come, May Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”


Other Parts in the Old Testament that Allude to Jesus

Some people can find parts in every OT book that could be seen to alluding to Jesus.  For example, it is an interesting coincidence that the Jews in Egypt were instructed to sacrifice lambs and paint lamb blood on their door frame so that their first born could be passed over.  As I AM is often symbolized by a lion, Jesus is symbolized by a lamb.

Another time that alludes to Jesus could be when Abraham appears to be called to sacrifice his first born son, but then his son is “passed over” or saved and a ram appears. (Sacrificing infants or firstborn to gods was a common practice by pagan faiths in the area at that time.)

Another allusion is in the very short book by the listener of I AM, Malachai. In the last book before the NT, (4:5-6, NIV) Malachai relays, this message from the Lord: “I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the hearts of the children to their parents, or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction. “  Elijah was a listener of I AM who was a great healer – so many thought Jesus was Elijah, until in the NT Elijah appeared to two disciples when Jesus was still alive.

Another allusion to Jesus appears in Isaiah. ,  especially verses 13-15.  , ( in the NT, John the Baptist says he is the “voice in the wilderness.”), , see verse 27.  see especially verses 25-27.

Messianic Jews

The term Messianic Jew means a believer of I AM that also believes Jesus Christ is the Messiah who was prophesied to be [like] Elijah. Elijah was a listener of I AM who was also a healer.  Messianic Jews probably also view Christ not only as a guide aligned with I AM but also as the awaited “Redeemer” —  for humans (who keep going astray).  [Around chapters 28-30 in Isaiah,  I AM speaks of Jacob and Israel – there is a story in Genesis that indicates Jacob was the off-track character, his name and actions related to lying. Later, however, he improves and regains honor and then is given the name Jacob – this story relates to the concepts of forgiveness and redemption. ]

The Wisdom and Guidance of I AM

Some of us believe in reading and following the wisdom and guidance of as recorded by listeners of I AM in the Holy Bible.

Different Versions of the Holy Bible

New International Version and the New Living Translation are versions of the Holy Bible that appear to closely align with the intent of the original Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament.  The King James version has some translation flaws such as “one horned beast” being translated to “unicorn” towards the end of the book of Job.  The site appears to be a good version to view direct translations of the Holy Bible. (READ HEBREW FROM RIGHT TO LEFT)