by “Elsee,” Oct. 9, 2016, updated Oct. 15, 2016 at 2:29 p.m.

1.  Ask for Agape Love from I AM, Jesus, Angels of I AM & the Holy Spirit
2.  Know you are loved. Know when you were an infant you were loved, and remember the times you were loved and cared for as you grew. Notice how amazingly your body is designed. Be thankful for all you have – you have the potential to act beautifully and be appreciated for inner kindness and your virtues as well as your outward appearance.
3. Be willing to let go of the parts of you that are low-vibe, not virtuous.
4. Read the first book of the New Testament – then read other parts of the New Testament. Focus on following the Way of peace that Jesus Christ demonstrated.
 5. Get baptized by sincere readers of the Holy Bible. (The Assembly of God churches and many non-denominational ones are Good And many African-American Baptist ones are probably great also –especially because of the singing. ) Baptism is an important ceremony to help with intentionally help wash your soul and clear you of your of past sins; you also have to personally forgive yourself and let the past go. Also get baptized with the Holy Spirit as Paul demonstrated. This is to invite the Holy Spirit and Jesus to be in your heart and soul. This can help you live with a feeling of radiance, and love, and give you extra power to ward off and command away, real, negative spirits, also called demons.  (People don’t realize it but unseen negative energy forces can take over and commit heinous acts if a person gets extremely angry or on some drugs.)
6. Go to Holy Bible study groups, fellowship with others of sincere hearts. Ask for prayer to stay in the light. Cultivate a relationship with I AM, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
7. Ask I AM what you can do to serve, to stay in the light.
8. Keep reading the Holy Bible (The New Living Translation is a good and easy to read version that appears to be translated by a clear listener of I AM and so gets the points across fluently. The New International Version Study Bible is good also. Just read parts of it – but make it a habit to read some every morning at least.
9. Listen to and sing hymns and contemporary Christian songs (Christ never said to name a religious group after him – so Christians might consider calling themselves Messianic Jews – at the end of the book of Esther in the Holy Bible non-Jews in Persia became Jews when they came to believe in the power of Esther’s “God.”) A great radio station around the country is K-LOV. Also look at top songs on YouTube.
10. Look up and think about other ways of expressing anger, what civil words can you use? Can you exercise every day — this gives you endorphins, positive-feeling natural chemicals. Go for a walk or sigh if you start to feel angry about something.
You will know you’ve been healed – cleansed – renewed and are right with I AM if you hear from I AM to be a parent!
 (Some will say we have too many people right now, but I AM is all about helping our species survive and go in the Way of peace into the future. We do need to be good stewards of this planet, and many beings need love and a helping hand .)