by L.C. “Elsee” Sept. 22, 2016

It is my understanding that while a fetus body is formed at 7 weeks, the soul may be present when life starts – just as the soul departs when the biological frame cannot support it anymore.

I believe it will be wise if Hillary and Bernie supporters can note this is a safe way to look at things.

Fallen malevolent forces have a long history of getting humans to sacrifice infants. Right now Hillary has the burden of trying to uphold a platform that does not recognize these important things. Being clear as a nation on this issue and on aligning with God, Live and Light – relates to how we wage peace in this country and around the world. This is not just my opinion.

It should be possible for good-hearted people who want peace and a culture of virtuous residents, to work together to offer support of mothers, fathers,babies, children and youth. Why not provide the choice of completely open-ended foster care of the child and the mother and the father as well? What I mean by that is that the child is cared for like a family member but if at some point the parent wants the child back and appears in a good condition to begin raising a virtuous child then at that time the parent can begin working back into the child’s life as an involved parent.

Now, what if the mother and or father is opposed to listening to the guidance of God as relayed in the Holy Bible and opposed to teaching moral social codes to the child? Well, keep in mind that many parents have become believers later in life and have influenced their children accordingly and came to pray for them.

Let’s focus on supporting mothers and fathers in their choices towards the raising of virtuous children centered on a Higher Power of Love, Light and Peace!

For some, the issue of abortion relates to the need for population reduction. God would share the desire to protect species and their habitats.

There are many places in the Holy Bible where God indicates caring for the animals. Here again God-fearing people and others can surely work together to protect our species on our beautiful planet. In the book of Genesis the original Hebrew does say that the creators of humans gave us “dominion over living things” to “subdue” them. This could mean that we are a special kind of species — we could have been created to develop towards having a “big picture consciousness.” the word “subdue” could refer to an instruction for humans to use animals as needed in order to survive and keep developing and learning. Actually Genesis is talking about the Garden of Eden time because in verses 29 —sprout-pic-for-reuse-usda — humans are only instructed to eat seed-bearing plants and fruit with seeds. So that means that humans at first were instructed to survive on a plant-based diet! Later, after the last ice age, the instruction was to eat meat. Perhaps humans can help protect species and habitat destruction by eating less meat at this time–as long as we are getting enough nutrients. We also might think of having small pets and less pets that eat meat. Still, for humans to survive in hard times, and since many of us live in cold environments, it is probably good to teach an openness and custom of some meat-eating.

All humans should be able to agree to care for our “garden” planet– to keep the earth replenishing the living creatures upon which we depend.

We might consider the benefit for the survival of our own species to to have humans, and underground libraries, laboratories and technology advances on different spots on the planet so our species can survive if we are hit by a huge solar flair, an asteroid or some other major catastrophe. Many of us concerned with overpopulation, species destruction and global warming might not know that we are in a time of equinox procession – a axial warble that takes about 20,000 years. We are at the height of the warming trend. So polar bears may have gone through a time of no pole ice sometime before the last ice age. Species have gone extinct in large numbers in other times of history. The ones that generally last are the ones in the equatorial region. These are the ones that humans are threatening with fires for agricultural acreage. Maybe these very ancient rainforest areas are a priority to protect. Researchers in a Panamanian park found are 6000 different kinds of arthropods in only one acre!

The other big threat to our species and other species are nuclear weapons and power stations. I have hope that we can through frequency neutralize radioactive materials, but we only need to protect the waste and try to reduce the explosive devices. It would seem that all good-hearted, survival oriented people might join together in praying and working for these goals.