Sept. 7, 2016, 9:21 a.m., 9:37 a.m., 3:29 p.m.

by L.C. “Elsee”

One technique substance abuse counselors use is “Motivational Therapy.” This is the process of encouraging the person to become personally motivated to overcome harmful substance addictions. It also encourages people to set goals and believe they can accomplish them.  For more information see:

Related to helping people understand adverse effects of substances, it is helpful to show pictures of the brain and other organs after  short-term and long-term substance use.  Go to “Google,” search for “effects of _____ on the brain” then look at the tab at the top called “images.””Dr. Amen’s brain scans of _____________ harm and brain recovery.” Dr. Amen has clinics in different regions of the country and has found success in nutrients to help in brain recovery.  Also look for  Then look at the images for “physiological effects of _______.” Point out that naturopathic and “functional” medical doctors support the body to heal itself.

Then help your friend to remember their talents, abilities and goals. And keep reminding them about these. It appears good to show compassion, patience, persistence in encouraging  small,  steps and celebration of each move in an upward direction. Encouraging a support community will help too.

Also important for helping a friend overcome an addiction or another sort of affliction is to note that any of us can follow the no-cost example Jesus offered for these things: mentally have an open mind that the Holy Spirit and God can help and put into action Jesus’ demonstration of clearing malevolent spirits out.

If your friend can come up with about $2000-$3000 (or a grant for this) and the willingness to try this I recommend they try the Optimum Health Institute in Lemon Grove, CA a district of San Diego and the other location in Austin, Texas. After paying for great organic meals for three weeks, many encouraging and enlightening classes including raw food preparation, rejuvelac probiotic drink making, organic gardening and intestinal health, people can apply to become “working guests” and stay on for a minimum of three months. The one in California has an onsite greenhouse for fresh wheatgrass juice daily. Wheatgrass juice has a healing effect on epithelial cells – the ones that make up the skin and the intestine and the coverings of the organs.  The readily accessible proteins and minerals and nutrients in it help repair the body in many ways and  help detoxify it.  The program has a rule to not even talk about one’s problems but instead to maintain a positive mindset. After the first week of detoxing, people generally feel very physically and mentally uplifted.  People have generally had such positive effects that they tend to return and to tell others about it!  Just keep in mind that understanding any of us can follow the free example Jesus offered for command

These things are great to do with any friends!