September 6, 2016 7:43 a.m., updated 9:09 a.m, 9:12 a.m., 9:37 a.m., 9/7/2016 – 8:28 a.m.

By L.C. “Elsee” Redman

If you are without a home, I recommend that you start going to churches and to church study groups and any activity you can.  Once people know you, and know you to be sincerely interested in aligning with God and listening to God for help, they are more likely to assist you. Perhaps you can find someone to offer you a guest house along with extra encouragement.

I do not recommend going to just any church though. I recommend ones that believe that the Old Testament represents guidance for very ancient times and that the New Testament represents the update for humanity in these times. I also recommend that the church supports full immersion baptism in water and also a baptism of the Holy Spirit. If they do this they will probably also have the tradition of remembering Jesus with the wine and bread.  I recommend connecting with several churches that are based on having the members read and study some of the Holy Bible especially the New Testament stories, and believe in calling on Jesus to clear out malevolent spirits and help with personal protection. I also recommend churches that encourage members to read, (or listen to scripture), and reflect with their hearts on the message. It is also great if the church believes that it is possible that we have modern-day intuitive listeners of God.  Intuitive listeners of God can better interpret Revelations and give contemporary guidance. Another thing to look for is that the church’s primary goal is to care for people and so all or most of the money collected is going for this. Does the church have a clothing bank, a food bank? Does it have financial assistance? Ask what the church does with the money they collect.

Church groups that pay attention especially to the New Testament teachings will be of special benefit if you are homeless and sincerely interested in improving your life and good-hearted or open to the idea of being able to be good-hearted.   Jesus models a life apart from material things; he was homeless. So was John the Baptist.  We have some homeless that are very helpful ministers and I am thankful for them. God speaks throughout the bible of sharing with the needy and poor. Early followers of Jesus set up a place to feed “widows and orphans.” We can think of our homeless brothers and sisters as orphans – since they are not being cared for by family.

If anyone has any weakness this can be exploited controlling spirits; the knowledge of and assistance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit has been very effective in clearing addictive tendencies. Some people inside and outside of churches can have addictions–some have addictions to buying certain items, some to pain medicine. Many people who are homeless have taken substances to help them deal with pain. If the church members have really read some of the New Testament, they will be following the model of Christ and be compassionate. (See the entire short book of James…Chapter 2, verse 13:”because judgement without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful.”)

The first book of the New Testament and the next several books all indicate how to clear out malevolent spirits (by commanding them away in the name of Jesus/Yesuah Christ!) It is essential to do the maintenance work of keeping the Holy Spirit and Jesus “in one’s heart,” or Jesus says the person can get even more.  One keeps free of malevolent spirits by understanding God’s teachings, gaining humility before God, and also by baptism in water and with the Holy Spirit.  It is also important to not be alone.

These things will also help people to stay free of regaining malevolent spirits once they are cleared: reading or listening to the (New International Version or New Living Translation of the Holy Bible), memorizing important passages, remembering God, relaying God’s messages to others, singing songs of thanksgiving throughout the day.

Some churches that I recommend right now are: The Assembly of God Churches – they have a good program called “GROW,” and maybe some non-denominational ones, maybe some Baptist ones or anyone that is closest to you, or one you are comfortable with.