by L.C “Elsee” Redman, updated 9/10/2016

It is my understanding that about 30 percent of the DNA of every animal is the same; we all have two eyes, blood, lungs; most of the DNA relates to appearance and function.

One challenge some of us have is with yeast seeming to thrive in our bodies. Some people have a problem with fungus in their toenails. Part of our DNA code is the same as that of fungi and parts of our code are also similar to other animals on the earth.

Why does human DNA contain fragments similar to fungal and bacterial DNA? It is the hypothesis that we all evolved from common ancestry. (I have an earlier post about this.)

The soul is not in our DNA. It comes into the fetus when it is at the point of viability, it is very early. We are judged in this life. It is my understanding that there is a pool of souls in heaven. A soul is not a personality. It is life.

We die just like animals. “Can any animal extend their life if God doesn’t want this? ” asks a listener of God. (This can mean the spiritual as well as the physical life.)