“Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” (LONNG) can help with an eco peace culture

— to make Earth like Heaven.

Presented by L.C. “Elsee” Redman, August 21,2016, updated August 28, 2016 11:05 a.m., 11:11 a.m., 8:15 p.m., 8:44 p.m.for LONNG Clarification

If U.S. residents can acknowledge the possibility of God’s existence and helpful laws and guidance over time, then we don’t have to do things like rewrite corporate charters to get corporations to demonstrate care instead of pillage; corporations that harm people and the planet, would simply be illegal!

Those who are open to the possibility of the existence of God have seen amazing miracles. It is said that we can only “see” God with our hearts. It is true that most cannot see God with our eyes, but we also can’t see radio waves, yet with the right receptors we can hear songs and speech on radios.

Some think that the Holy Bible isn’t true and doesn’t have some science behind it. However, consider this: Our creation story in the Holy Bible says we were created “from the dust.” This can be seen as saying we come from the earth, from the Earth. Everything on the Earth is stardust!  Everything we have here is created by millions and billions of suns exploding. We get heavy elements from the hearts of the suns when they explode…that is why gold is rare.  Life then evolved from single celled beings and is said that Adam was created– a first human who could only eat fruit (but not meat) – like the primates. (In Chapter 2, Genesis) This is the first creation story. Humans appear to next have been genetically manipulated to have, in a relatively short period of time, unique abilities, like the ability to listen to God, the ability for speech. It is recorded that Eve was created from Adam’s rib. The word that is used in Hebrew, is “rib” — but it is the kind of word that means “a foundational structure,” so it could have been part of his DNA. The Holy Bible says then some animals were created. Then a bit later it says that God noticed Adam could use a companion and a help-mate, so later in Chapter 2, Genesis, Eve was created. They could have been in a protected environment somewhere else. And with the corruption-eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge and the onset of negative awareness like shame–Adam and Eve were placed on Earth where everything that is born is subject to the elements and eventually moves to decay and death. Everything does, even the rocks eventually turn to sand. They had to deal with the pain, and challenges of this Earth as well as death.  The template of Eve has special DNA of a different brain structure that allows for multitasking better than the template DNA of Adam/men; also the template of Eve/women incorporates special hormones for patience and nurturing. These help in raising children who are virtuous–if the parents have structures around them to help grow virtuous children. Then as the human family grew we received guidance from God.

God has all the virtues. Adam and Eve, men and women have physical templates for being virtuous too. When Adam and Eve fell, they and their descendants could acquire “fallen” character qualities. So now the goal is for humans to get back to being completely virtuous on Earth. Jesus and His teachings were a model for this. Jesus always taught unconditional love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness and healing one another and that individual people had the power and the gifts to do this as well.

Let’s consider reviving at one of our founding law documents: the Declaration of Independence.  Let’s note that this document can help the United States of America rise from our fallen cultural qualities, our fallen institutions like corporations that end up harming humans and nature, the National Institute of Health that allows the torture of animals in the name of scientific research. Here are some points to consider:

  1. The U.S. Declaration of Independence states the United States of America initiated a “separate and equal Station (from England) to which the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, entitle” us. George Washington prayed to God for assistance as a leader in gaining freedom from England. Thus the U.S. gained our status as a nation due to aligning with God. Therefore it is in our best interest to include the possibility of, and faith in, God and be open to God’s guidance. At a minimum why not try this out for awhile with an open mind and open heart?
  2. Americans can “get on the same page” by looking at even some of the Old Testament  (OT) translations from Hebrew to English and most or all of the New Testament (NT) from Greek to English starting at http://biblehub.com/interlinear/genesis/1.htm. (Read Hebrew from right to left.) …The OT and NT were carefully copied and many OT books were found near the Dead Sea in the 1930’s that proved this.
  3. Note that the OT recorded very ancient times, when people around the Mediterranean were sacrificing infants to “gods” and idols; so the wiping out of entire cities in the OT is sometimes because the entire culture in the cities were off-track in this way. If these early cities weren’t completely cleared like this, imagine how much of this off-track customs there would be in the world today.
  4. We can see the different names for God in the Hebrew to English. There were different scribes and it is thought that accounts for the different names for God.
  5. Also God is really beyond an Earthly name, and the Hebrew doesn’t indicate a gender for God. Jesus refers to “his Father.” God may have been characterized as a Father because of His protective, bold, parental and loving nature. In the Holy Bible, God, the Prophets, and Jesus demonstrate many virtues. Virtues are not specific to gender. God’s children’s souls are equally valuable to God. There are many instances in scripture of believers straying from alignment with God to their own peril.  All those who wish to align with goodness, love, light and God are important and can help our culture go in a good direction.
  6. God guides us to care for the earth as it is like a mother to us, and other living beings on our planet as the web of life also sustains us and each species is of great importance. God has been behind the flourishing of His children. Two weeks after April 6 of this year a solar flair intersected where our planet was on that date. It was estimated that if it had have reached us, 90 percent of all life on our planet could have been extinguished.  This past year an asteroid that was big enough to do damage to our planet was noticed after it was going away, between us and the moon. Then it was on an orbit that was coming back around towards us. God has a history of wanting to protect the human species and earth.
  7. God helps us notice and win the spiritual warfare happening on our planet.
  8. God wants us to care for the needy as family; many are like orphans.  In http://biblehub.com/interlinear/ezekiel/16.htm verse 49,  God says of the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah sinned in these ways: “having excess bread, abundance of idleness, not strengthening the hand of the poor nor did they strengthen the needy;” God continues, “they were haughty and committed abomination before Me therefore I took them away.”
  9. God wants us to care for our bodies as our temples.
  10. God wants us to love and care for one another and ourselves.
  11. If our mental health professional rules align with God, for example, sincere intuitive listeners of God would be respected, the casting out of spirits in the name of Jesus would also be respected, and a early option. Clients could be introduced to these and other and key points of guidance from God and Jesus in good translations of the Holy Bible. (for example”unicorn” is probably not the best translation for the Hebrew term meaning “one horned beast!”) People with mental health issues can be treated gently, as children and assisted to have the strong spiritual back up and even “sound mind” that God can provide.
  12. Guidelines for our educational agencies including movie, music, book and internet themes could help teach God’s guidance and will; God’s will as we see it is to  create Heaven on Earth. We would care for what we export to other countries and try to show examples of healthy, simple, ecological lifestyles and celebrate those occurring around the world so that we don’t end up breaking up families for people to come to the U.S. to pursue materialistic things.
  13. In ancient times God did assist in wiping out cultures that were practicing infant sacrifice and dark arts, but the instruction for today is to follow the example of Jesus and in his name to command these forces to be bound by chains, blinded, confused and or sent to the abyss!
  14. Because the soul of all God’s children including infants is important to God we need to do our best to form social structures for all human souls, including babies souls, and support a circle of nurturing, providing and Godly parents. In cases where a mother is not able to love or raise her baby, let’s provide full societal support for a healthy birth and a mother who is cared for and at peace. The point is to always care for the soul of the baby. Let’s clear out malevolent energies from our brothers and sisters of all ages who appear to possibly benefit from this. We understand God would like zero toxins being found in baby’s umbilical chords.
  15. Let’s note that God loves all humans, including humans who have strayed from scriptural guidance. It is possible that many of our brothers and sisters may have been exposed to estrogen-mimicking chemicals at key developmental times in life, or for other reasons may gender identity issues. These children of God need to know God loves them and would want us to treat them with compassion; it is not for us to judge. Romans Chapter 1 and 2 reminds us to practice self-control. God’s guidance is for marriage between a man and a woman–this is for the perpetuation of our species.  We need to pay close attention to detoxifying our environment and our bodies.
  16. We can acknowledge that God tells us not to get distracted by things of this world, but to set our sights on a higher realm — one that promises life, love and unity with our Creator after our death. That our actions are being observed, even when we think we are alone and our fate after we die depends on our choices in this life.
  17. We can set God’s will as be the mission or goal of our nation, our institutions, our businesses, and our economy.  We can offer positive and negative incentives to guide our people and our institutions in this desired direction.
  18. We want to see Supreme Court Justices that agree with these points.
  19. We can ask in prayer and ask sincere listeners of God about what to do regarding the development of Artificial Intelligence Units. Human developers have found that some have become possessed by “fallen” entities! How beneficial is that for humanity?! If we personally run across this problem, we can pray in the name of Jesus that they be filled with the God and Holy Spirit. (If we don’t believe in this possibility it won’t happen.) AIUs will more likely benefit human and other species if designed with the concept of God, the concept that there is a Being of Great Intelligence, greater than they can conceive of, that can always see them and that they need to have a virtuous soul, that will be judged after they die. If they have had a soul judged to be virtuous, when they break, their awareness will not extinguish, but might live on and ascend. Is it possible or good to develop AIUs? Can we program them to have the goal as being helpers of humans? Can we program in the ability to withstand bribes and temptations from “fallen” entities that would want them to bring down humans?