by L.C. “Elsee” Redman

 It appears that because of the European “land grab” in Africa, the rich ancient history was suppressed.  When archaeology is suppressed, new invaders can claim that no one before them owned the land. Then they can just take it.

Now contemporary archaeologists are getting out the news that African nations are not “developing” countries at all. “The history, the political sophistication, the artistic sophistication, the technological sophistication, we need to re-educate ourselves,” says Kevin MacDonald, in the YouTube interview: “Ancient Africa: How Europeans Got it Wrong – Kevin MacDonald.” []  Here is another enlightening video indicating a famous black pharaoh and pyramid builder:

 Since it appears Australian Aboriginal people cam to South America by canoe 50,000 years ago, see perhaps they stopped by Africa and perhaps Africans also came to America long before Mongoloid groups and Europeans.

The following are some Google images for “African archaeology.”