Yay! At least three people read my previous article requesting mobile composting toilets, showers and living necessities for the homeless.

My current thinking is to encourage tiny home and tent gated living sites near town centers, and also homes near town centers with several people in each and some kind-hearted assistance and encouragement for our beloved, orphan, and orphan-like brothers and sisters.  I think it will be nicest and safe for belongings and personal dignity to get set up like this. It would also be great for there to be a small shower and toilet facility for every 4 households. This helps individuals better ensure their own hygiene and health — this helps ensure the health of everyone else in the city. And composting toilets might be difficult to manage. So flush toilets would be great and easy. Even if there is a only a hole and not even a toilet – like in Greece.

Nicklesville in Ballard, WA looks like one good example of this. The Nickleville settlements around Seattle are self-managing and have a good record of being peaceful.

Also, the Immanuel* Church of Seattle is another great example. I don’t know if this church is doing this, but some of our beloved shelter-less brothers and sisters can be afflicted by real spirits that are associated with drugs including alcohol and marijuana, maybe even chemicals in our foods…Prayer for these individuals may be the only way they might recover.

*[Yesuah (“Jesus”) is sometimes referred to as Immanuel. Immanuel means “God with us.” My understanding of this is that Yesuah was like an ambassador of God, his Father, and so he modeled and listened and relayed God’s message for how to act.]