There might be 10,000 homeless people just in King County Washington. Many that don’t get counted may be sleeping in cars, in the woods, on people’s couches. Many people approach middle age and are having major health challenges – some of these may be from poor diets, many may still be ingesting food containing pesticides and problematic hybrid grains and allergenic Genetically Engineered foods. These kind of foods tend to weaken intestines and can cause many physical and even mental problems.

It should benefit everyone if this population can have easy access to clean showers and toilets as first steps towards MORE assistance.

I am calling on the United Way of King County Washington, and other individuals and groups who care, to develop tilt-able, 2 wheeled carts for homeless persons. I would like to see them contain:

-a pop-up shower with a curtain
-a pull out composting toilet (this can be concealed by the pop up shower with the curtain)
-a sun shower bag
-a small propane stove
-a small cooking pan
-enamel plate, bowl,cup, metal or enamel utensils
-a tent
-cleansing supply kit/bag
-wheat grass packets
-stainless steel water containers.

I am also calling for:

-lockers in each town by grocery stores with good security for belongings.

Is anyone listening?!