Published May 17, 2013, updated Oct. 5, 2015, updated June 22, 2016

by L.C. “Elsee” Redman

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One story that appeared on http(s):// on Feb. 26, 2014 was about harmful frequencies affecting our cells and our pollinators via cell towers and phones:
“Resonance: Beings of Frequency” – trailer:   – documentary: (Highlight the link, push the control c button for copy and then control v for paste when you put the cursor in the address box.)

Also we have many signals coming from satellites now, and i think that is also an important improvement!!

–> Do we need to… Unplug WI-FIs when not in use, support cable and line communication systems, encourage more research, ask for one’s Wi-Fi signal to be turned down/ to span as short as distance as possible?

–> Video Update:  The cell towers in this reporter’s town appear much smaller than the one shown in the video. Towers and cell phones are probably not as harmful as as depicted in the above video link.  Still, we need independent studies to determine whether or not our insects and pollinators and cells are being harmed by these prevalent signals. Also we have many of our cell phone signals coming from satellites now and I think this is an improvement.

An original story on was an update about Fukashima. and should have updates.

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National Links:,– Purchase ecological products online; many US small businesses, &  — Learn about genetically harmful foods – “Genetically engineered”– or altered / mutated) … — Be an informed consumer; many products tested and compared.

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