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Research and build Eco Peace Figurines!

Experiment with oat flour, tapioca flour (both are a bit elastic), and oil, water and salt. The picture above doesn’t have oil in the recipe, but that might help some.  Also oil-based clay is great for sculpting, but are not for cooking and painting. If you use oil-based clay, you can make a scene, take pictures, make a movie and then later recycle the clay into something else!  If you use salt-dough or bake-able clay you can color them. Try natural plant-based dyes from beet juice, blueberry juice, grass juice, turmeric, raspberry juice.
Look up online videos of ecological, peace and health-related positive jobs. Here are some suggestions:

Eco Fishermen – They fish sustainably, use long lines rather than nets. (Find video links, learn more, offer favorite links). Eco Fishermen can also do eco-marine study tours where the scientist helpers aboard test the water fish and release, learn from other fishermen. Have a research station near or at the dock.

Marine Biologist Researcher & Educator- Works on land and with sea research vessels in aquarium like the one  at Redondo Beach.
Also writes blog for website,
Makes and posts videos and shares these  also with visitors.

Aqua Farmers – Tilapia farmers, Shellfish Farmers (suggest related videos)

Families around these professions. The families help. Children might help other Eco Peace workers also.
Earthen Architects – (suggest videos) Families can build a house together. First find land bicycling range (3-6 miles from downtown) get plans approved by engineers,architects first.
Can build several story buildings also, look at successful ones like this on-line, Kwaitt? They can design a complete Eco City – first use Sim City App to get city using completely green energy.
Earthen Builders – some are very artistic and embellish the walls. Some like to sing or whistle when they work.
Renewable Energy Engineers & Ecological Engineers – Some work to harness tidal energy, some work to build electro-magnetic transportation.
Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire Girls, Earth Scouts – These groups have a long history of activities around eco peace values.
Therapists – Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists – They have the virtues of patience, repetition for skill development.
 (There are several in every occupation, so they can get together and share new knowledge every week)
Nutritionists & Dieticians
Naturopathic Doctors (strengthen the body to heal itself)
Medical Doctors
Family Drs./Primary Care (Generalists)
Specialists: Bone Doctors, Sports Injury Doctors, Ear-Nose-Throat Drs., Internal Drs., Gastrointestinal Drs., Pediatric Drs.
Doctors’ & Assistants
Nurses – care for the emotional and physical comfort of the person
Ministers, Religious people of different faiths that can come to hospitals and to homeless people to talk and pray with a person in need.
Homeless individuals and assistants: passers by, shelters, church meals, — make a “Mother Teresa” house– we can treat our homeless with compassion and a hand up, and view them as “orphans and widows.” Social Workers and others can help see that they can read, have identification, can get a “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” food purchasing card, a warm, dry, safe, hygienic place to stay, a sleeping bag and foam mat, a place for their car,  then a home and easy nearby job. Maybe they can live in “Nicklesville – type groups, maybe they can have an uplifting earthen home (see YouTube “First Earth” video series) and have uplifting plants and flowers and waist high garden boxes near the front door!
One plan for Eco Peace Neighborhood has houses in a circle with the kitchens facing the large center. A fun garden area and stream/pond for children to play. A badminten net, a ping pong table, possibly under a high white tent cover. Another white tent cover with art supplies and tables. Mothers, kitchen workers, older children can care for younger children.
Eco Peace Parent – teaches virtues to children,  goes on field trips, teaches family values, philosophy. Eco Peace Parents aligned with “I AM” will be able to teach from the Holy Bible – and have additional protection for their family from this guidance.
Eco Peace Families can plan and do fun and helpful activities. Can have a nice time doing household activities also.
Eco Peace Teachers – Waldorf-style teachers have some good ideas here. What are some classroom projects for compassion, peace, ecology, health?
Eco Village Design Plans
Eco Neighborhood Design Plans
Pellet Stove Maker (these burn organic material pellets with no smoke, very efficiently!)
Pellet Maker – people bring this person cardboard, landscape refuse, paper (if organic, soy ink was used)
Eco Materials Vendor – bamboo, sustainable products (makes sure no products from

Tropical rainforests or endangered species or toxic.)

Mini bus (like a VW bus) shuttle driver. Small, non-polluting buses can come every 10 – 15 minutes and pack in around 10 people — like in Puebla, Mexico.

 Any profession can be done in alignment with the values of peace, health and ecology, and if desired, also in alignment with “I AM.”
After viewing and noting some favorite eco peace activity ideas, now you are ready to make some Eco Peace Figurines  and also to pretend to do these jobs and even make up some plays!
After viewing and noting some favorite eco peace activity ideas,
Figurine Recipes —  Make sure the feet are fairly big and the body is fairly short – so it can balance upright on the feet.
1. Oil-Base Clay Figurines:
– If you want you can make felt clothes
2.  Salt-Biscuit Figurines / Also Tree Ornaments:
– 1 cup ground oat flour,
– 1 teaspoon  tapioca flour
– 2 Tablespoons salt
– add water until it is like soft clay in texture. Cook in oven at 350 degrees until light brown or hard. Let it cool.
3. Bake-able or ceramic clay
– try natural edible plant dyes, like beet juice, blueberry juice, grass juice, turmeric, raspberry juice.

Thanks for your interest in this!