The first paragraph in our Declaration of Independence, ( notes that “When it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands [the colonies separating from England]…and to assume….the separate and equal station to which the laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them…” This indicates founding leaders established this country to be in alignment with the laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

Many of the actions in this country appear to be basically illegal according to our own founding laws! For example creating new genetically engineered species goes against  the laws of Nature.  To follow the supreme law of this land, all companies should be engaging in sustainable, ecological farming and harvesting and of course protecting species!

One intuitive listener of God noted that God is not happy to have been taken out of “everything” in this country.  The guidance of God in the Bible, is what our laws and ethical standards are based on in this country. God’s law gets clarified, simplified and updated with the message of Christ / Immanuel (“God with us”).

It cannot hurt at this point for residents in the U.S.(and around the world) to take a serious look at good biblical translations, and consider that it appears Northern Hemisphere humans after the last Ice Age appear to have had special assistance and guidance.  It appears we have preserved testimonies from many witnesses in the collected books know as the Holy Bible. From God, we have the directives of caring for the earth as a mother, caring for our bodies as our temples, caring for one another, the gift of Yesuah “Jesus” and the Holy Spirit to clear negative energies. If we align with being open to God and revive our Declaration of Independence as the corner-stone of our country’s laws – and pray in great numbers -this can usher in a bright, ecological and peace-oriented future. 

The leadings in the Holy Bible (check out the http:// version, read Hebrew tranlations of Old Testament from right to left. Assembly of God Church members read the same chapter each day switching from Old Testament to the New Testament. I also like the New International Version, at this time.) The original words have been carefully copied and copies were found in the 1930’s in the Dead Sea Caves that matched up with centuries of hand-copying!

 Corporations need to adjust to the law,as it is written in our Declaration of Independence; it is the moral code our nation was founded on. Corporations are “bodies” – groups of people – and we can pray those involved in them put the high ideals that Yesuah/’Iseous/”Jesus” demonstrated as their guiding lights. No one can take money with them after they die – we need to appeal to the very rich to heed this message, align with God, right-action, and ensure their souls go to a bright place when their bodies end up as bone minerals,”dust!”