After learning that shocking research and abuse is still occurring for our primate cousins, I was guided to the documentary listed below. I hope this sort of information can help the lawyer(s) working on primate rights to win their case.

The heart-oriented work of the researcher, who in the ’70s was not aware of the objectionable situation of enslavement research, may now serve to help with gorilla understanding and rights.  The gorilla, Koko, helps humans value the great cognitive skills and sentiments of our primate “cousins.”  She learned to communicate with a sign language of over 1000 words!

Check out this 1999 PBS show, from YouTube:

Please join me in praying for the success of legal advocates are working to help gain rights for gorillas and other primate cousins, to protect them from enslavement and abuse!

Here is another similar recent PBS show, also from YouTube: