Peace Pyramid 001

First Published 8/30/2015, Updated  10/30/2015, Please pay most attention to the 11/1/15 update at end! Thanks!

With the perceived separation of divorce, negative energies — and even unseen entities in some cases — can step in and mess with all the people involved.  Things will go easier for children and families if they clearly unite under, or with, God and the updated guidance of Jesus in the Bible.  This mindset helps the family achieve unity, and harmony even when parents desire separate households.

Some will be correctly concerned that this model appears hierarchical – that some might view those towards the top as closer to God and therefore more important than those at the lower level — this would not be the correct way to interpret the chart.

I have noticed people who have intuitive abilities be able to connect with the soul of animals as well as humans. One psychic relayed a message from regional bees to an attentive, progressive beekeeper.  It appears that it is highly likely that living beings have consciousness and also souls. I believe most or all have the possibility of being a lamp for humanity and for continued consciousness after death, if they choose to align with the God’s direction outlined in most Bibles.

The chart does indicate that good-hearted humans who are also gifted in listening intuitively to God’s guidance, are highly important for the rest of us to listen to.  The next level of importance are leaders and others who follow our sincere, good-hearted, listeners of YHWY/Yahway/The Way/God and the general guidance of the Bible.

November 1, 2015

On October 31, after my last update I had been guided to look at a letter from Paul to mostly non-Jews who were being pressured to follow Jewish law: the Colossians. In this letter he relates Jesus to God. In any case, Paul writes in Colossians 1:15-18  “The Son is the image of the invisible God…He is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he is the head of the body, the [congregation of believers]…so that in everything he might have supremacy.”  (New International Version/ brackets are the translation I was guided to in the version – congregation rather than the translation “church”)

Thus, a better schematic for all living things is not to envision a pyramid structure, but rather the human body – The guidance of God and the updated guidance of Jesus is like the head, the mind, the guidance and control center. All parts of the body are important – this is like all living things on earth.  This same diagram can help in other groups – churches, families, neighbors for ecology and peace… everyone’s contribution is unique and valuable to the smooth functioning of the whole. 

If factors arise that threaten to harm the body, if we keep the head and thinking aligned with the teaching of Jesus and God/Love, there is a better chance that negative energies will not get in and take advantage of the weak state of the body.  With God/Light and Love as the leader, and unity, wholeness and healing as the goal, the Adversary is less likely to win the battle.

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