A “listener of God” I heard from says  that “God is done with this country — after the Supreme Court gay marriage thing…[not just that it goes against natural law,] but it is just the last straw in a general trend to take God out of everything in this country.”

I guess the argument in court was that the institution of marriage – the concept of whole-heartedly caring for a loved one – not just the institution of stable procreation — is part of the natural law.

In my thinking “anti-compassionate” [thinking, behavior] is “anti-Christ.” I encourage readers, to read the New International version of the Bible – it can be read for free on – check out the book of Romans - and to make it to the end of this posting! Thanks!

I have heard of Constititional lawyers, but I haven’t heard of Declarational lawyers [who must base their arguments on the Declaration of Independence]- but I know they’re out there!

The Constitution lays out the details of how our national government is set up. It appears to me that the Declaration of Independence is the PREAMBLE to the Constitution, the FOUNDATION of the country and it says this: (see the link at bottom from…/chart…/declaration_transcript.html)

… See the part at the beginning that says “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle…..” This indicates to me that the higher law of God, as understood by our founding fathers and their families was the higher ground that our country was founded upon. – this wiki cite, as of today’s date, doesn’t yet quote the part I mentioned in the last paragraph.

I hope we can continue to think about God’s natural law. I think it is a key for peace in the world and in this country, to have high ideals like God, that represents a close and vast omnipresent consciousness and all the virtues that we as humans at our best can aspire to, above the laws of humankind. I think it is important to put this incorruptible ideal – whether or not all of us believe in a hierarchical line of conscious, helpful spiritual assistants – …I think it is important to put this ideal, these standards above fallible peers, parents and leaders. A major argument for objecting to be drafted to kill people is the argument that one has the right to follow a higher law than the laws of humans.

Actually we could simplify all our complex laws if we would just follow the simple, updated, succinct guidance of Jesus as earthly judges determine how to restore or contain human acts that are less than civil. Jesus, (“Yesuah” /”Messiah” /”‘Iseou(s)”) emphasized to Love God, Love one another as we love ourselves, Care for our earth, as it is like a mother to us. And demonstrated how we can each be able to align with God, Jesus the Holy Spirit to help protect and heal one another.

Early on, most settlers read the Bible. It was probably a big reason people saw the importance of reading. People could read it for themselves – unlike the Catholic Church that had translated the Hebrew and Greek to Latin “vulgar e” and still doesn’t encourage people to study the careful accounts relayed in Bible.

Very ancient humans needed bold guidance, actions and protection. The New Testament is guidance for our times–we tend to slip back to old ways as we get away from important lessons from the past.

Now that we have been so effective at “taking God out of everything” we have problems like an abundance of school books, videos, games, toys with dark, dystopian themes, with vampires and other soul-less characters. Middle East groups have fought against the corruption of their youth by the off-track western media and values.

Parents who don’t open-mindedly study the Bible, may not, for example say to a their children what the fundamental guidelines for behavior for their gender are. Also, some religious people, would also do well to note the parts in the Bible that speak of not judging others – that God will do the judging. some religion people need to practice compassion and understanding noting that some cross-gender issues may be traced to estrogen-mimicking molecules, and also to spiritual intrusion. For example, some people with errant or misguided or no spiritual philosophy may be able to interfere with a person of a different gender. We don’t acknowledge that we, as good-hearted humans, can be messed with by unseen “adversaries” that can also take the form of illnesses.

If we can put the ideals of global unity, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the teachings of the Bible above our nation and all the nations – at least in the West, (starting with our country and Israel) we might have a shot at peace. This is a fragile time. Prayers – the right ones are needed now!

As far as getting the U.S. and Israel and other Middle East faiths on the same page as far as the non-violent, inclusive teaching of Jesus, check out the first chapters in Acts [of the Apostles after Jesus was martyred].  And there are many allusions to the coming of a tangible guide like Jesus in the writings of the Old Testament, and the Torah.

Thanks for listening!