As someone who likes the idea of healthy, sustainable cultures, I am opposed to the practice of having dark and violent videos available for the general public.  While one might think that at least it should be fine for young adults and adults to have them available, I disagree.

This is because we have a great number of our population who are not clear on making wise and humane choices.  We have growing populations of people who are mildly autistic and have a hard time separating fact from fiction and may also identify with the lone villian in movies.

This is a matter of public security.

Some places who I appeal to help out with public security by only offering uplifting general audience, books and documentaries and toys are: Fred Meyers, Safeway, Office Depot, Go Toys and libraries.

Go Toys at a large mall recently shocked me with zombie toys, monster & zombie Bratz-like dolls, a voodoo doll with pins in it!  All these were in easy viewing distance and reach of a 3-6 year old!

This is a call out for Fred Meyers and toy stores to only offer toys that would lead people to value and respect life, one another, our bodies, the earth.  This is a call for natural fabrics and materials for toys – ones that are ecological. It is a plea for toys, books and movies with role models of virtuous behavior.

Office Depot has had dark theme computer games – one was Jack the Ripper.   As many parents are out shopping with their children for school supplies — how is this sort of computer game going to help grow health citizens and a healthy culture?

Even the news could be framed for a general audience. If there is a shocking crime, please journalists, make sure to report the true roots of the violence. What went wrong with the nurturing of the person whose actions went awry?

Join me in some prayers for a positive future. I wrote this because Office Depot and Go Toys didn’t have a place on their web sites for comments.

Thanks for listening!