by Linda C. Redman

New Findings regarding the rich cultural history of the African-Americans may bring greater respect for our very dark skinned brothers and sisters and may help combat hate crimes in the U.S.

I recently learned that Native Americans were not the first people to inhabit the Western Hemisphere!  Archaeologists have linked the first peoples of southern South America as descendants from the Aboriginal people of Australia. It appears they first came to South Africa. There is evidence they were in South America 50,000 years ago. There are still two women survivors alive when the documentary was filmed. When archaeologists interviewed their tribal members in the early 20th century, they learned that for most of the time, women were the leaders. The mongoloid race that had come over the land bridge clashed with their culture about 9000 years ago and it appears this invading people were hunters and killed most of these first settlers.

The documentary “Mystery of the Unexplained Human Remains”  relays this information. The oldest skulls found, were 12,000 years old and shared the same genetics with  Australian and African Aboriginal people! It appears from cave drawings they came by large canoe. Recently 5 men left the African coast in a storm. They got blown off coast. In only three weeks 2 survived and made it to Brazil! The distance from South Africa to Brazil is 7776.76  kilometers, or 4832.26 miles. So it is plausible that aboriginal settlers could have come there by boat.

Another important documentary for the world is also on YouTube, “Ancient Africa – A History Denied” by AncientHistory.  In this video we witness discoveries of advanced ancient cultures from 10-13th century.  In South Africa, there were kings and gold coated clay bowls and rhinos. This history has been kept mostly locked up in archives. It benefited white settlers to claim that the black natives arrived the same time as they did. The country Zimbabwe is named after a great walled city. An early German archaeologist thought that it was the place of the white Queen of Sheba. This became used as a reason for white settlers to lay claim to land. Later, Gertrude Katin -Thompson with an all-women team found a site that indicated the the true builders of the tall brick walled cities were ancient Bantu people. They had started the building in Midieval times, in the 11th century.  These findings were generally discounted by the local white settlers.  Along the Eastern Coast, there were  tall fancy palaces, similar to the ones in Venice with intricate carvings in wood and plaster. Although they were built by Africans, later Arab Muslim trading partners took credit.