L.C. “Elsee” – Updated with image, 10/15/2016

A key urban & social structure for global sustainability and happiness:  An “Accountability, Responsibility & Ethics” (ARE) Pledge.

This is a petition envisioned by an acquaintance of mine recently. It is from the people of the world to get the people in charge of corporations to be held accountable and responsible for the products they create – whether it be manufacturing or agriculture.

We can say we see you and we know what you are doing, and we want to let you know.

Those who are very wealthy can be separated and oblivious to the rest of the world. Some of these people get with their friends and can have competitions with buying wild, expensive outfits every week, for example. They can get caught up in a blind excess – oblivious to helping others, oblivious to the real needs of a sane and healthy civilizations and ecosystems.