Check out this YouTube show: Ancient Technology Pyramid Mystery, with Chris Dunn.

His theories are not widely accepted or even widely heard of, but in my opinion he is a good scientist.

He gets to the point in my headline about 1 hour into this video, that it appears there was a more advanced, clean energy, maybe even peace-oriented culture that preceded some of the other Egyptian cultures.

It appears that the pyramids survived better than the other things after a large cataclysmic event.

Pyramids - Chambers - Common Source pic

How Could Pyramids Help with Peace?

Chris Dunn indicates that there are many different chambers in the pyramids. There is evidence of different types of chemicals that appear to have filled these chambers. The theory is that there were different frequencies created by these chambers and chemicals.

The theory is that the pyramids were able to absorb plate movements. The theory also notes that there is evidence that the frequencies generated were harmonious with the earth. It is known that human alpha waves are the same frequencies as the one’s of the earth and thus the pyramids could have also have emitted peaceful feelings for the humans in the area.