by  Linda C. Redman

I want to relay a few fun and constructive computer programs; first however, related to eco-peace culture, is to prioritize getting out to enjoy, pay attention to, and protect nature’s treasures and also attend to making sure your and your family’s souls are aligned with ethics and positive visioning.  I also suggest parents do these games with children, even teens and then generally don’t leave them unattended long at all if they are using computers.  Also, some of the YouTube tutorials for these can show images that are dark and very disconnected to ecologically, peace-oriented culture–it can be pointed out that we need people using these kinds of programs who have a positive, light-oriented consciousness.

1. For fairly painless math, parents might like to encourage or be a coach for “Khan Acadamy.” This site offers math and other subjects. They have video tutorials  via the Khan Acadamy & YouTube channel.  Also there are a few interviews with the founder, Salman Khan, who started by online tutoring his far away niece with math who was in middle school.  The site offers awards and parents and students can see exactly all the math steps learned and what is left to learn.

2. Don’t have money for a huge amount of legos? Don’t want to be bothered with picking them up? Free online program: “Legos Digital Designer” — this is a precursor to “Auto Cad” a professional designing program (that can lead to high paying jobs for your children (and you?) in the future!
3. My Paint – is another easy and fun program!
4. Blender – is a harder program, follow a YouTube tutorial simultaneously on a smart phone. This one is about learning how to create smooth-looking objects – start with a mug, then learn to sculpt a human head and form.  There are free city scenes available to later create your own animated show!
5. SimCity – Encourage your child to make city powered entirely by clean energy!
Designing and creating things and watching educational documentaries with family members are more constructive computer engagements than unsupervised movie watching and gaming playing.
Pediatricians suggest children only do two 30 minute sessions of computer time that is broken up with social interaction / engagement. This is especially relevant for children who might have tendencies to get so absorbed in movies or games that they become one with the computer such that computer interaction becomes a form of addiction.  How do you know it is an addiction? If the child asks for it in the morning, wants to do it desperately, asks for it before bed as well, when you walk through the door, and is not able to stick to limits.  When it is an addiction it is connected to destructive behavior.
Legos Digital Designer airplane imagemy paint - heart imagemypaint imageblender mug tutorial picblender restaurant worker image