by Linda C. Redman

This and other posts in this blog seek to report on and encourage things that may lead us towards local, national and global peace.

Choosing The Path of Goodness & Peace

One important, foundation structure for peace is to decide if this country is going to continue taking God, goodness and righteousness out of almost everything or not.

Granted, liberties like freedom of speech and freedom of religion are important to preserve. However while focusing on these, we have gotten away from preserving key insights from our founding fathers and mothers: the insights were to align this country with the guidance of God. It will help us to do this if people can look at the Bible as the history of God’s progressive teachings. Therefore we should focus on Jesus’ teachings– for example it seems like everyone agrees that sacrificing animals to feed the priests and people are not necessary now. The Book of Isaiah relays this and other updates, and alludes to the coming of Jesus.

There are parts in the Old Testament that seem startling and off-track – like when the Jewish people were told by God/YHWH to kill the people in whole cities. If one can overcome the shock, one can note that the practices and maybe even origins of these people was dark energy – people were sacrificing infants for example. The people were being returned to the land that God promised to bring them to, so this is part of what is going on in the early biblical stories.

Isaiah and Jesus both relay that the old guiding principles and rules in the Old Testament/Torah were for different times. The update with Jesus is to care for one’s body like a temple, care for one another, remember God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus as important assistants, and to care for the earth which is a type of mother for us. The New Testament especially speaks of helping others and listening to our hearts. Love one another, treat others how you want to be treated – a simple message. These seem like simple principles most of us in this country should be able to get behind!

In taking God out of everything – our government branches and departments including public education, military, intelligence, food safety, ecological protection and the judicial branch, then too with our corporate charters, our business mission statements, our organizational mission statements, our prisons, our mental health institutions (the U.S. currently does not yet rule out and try to clear spiritual possessions), our parenting…We have discarded a long history of 5,000 years of helpful, moral guidance for humanity.

If you care about peace, please take time to check out some of this in Deuteronomy and Numbers, then Isaiah, Matthew, Mark and Luke in the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, (which includes the Hebrew Bible–The Torah– as the Old Testament). With our amazingly huge challenges on this planet right now, why not consider putting God back in the picture?

Jesus indicated that all people who will listen and follow the general updated guidelines from God are basically the people God will adopt and work with.   [Related to trying to label God:  It is good to look at the, then Genesis 1, then click “Interlinear” to see the text.  For the New Testament one can look at the same site and see the  Greek to English –  Jesus and disciples would have known Greek as well as Aramaic.  For example check out Hebrew & Greek descriptions for God– in the Old Testament, God is called Elohim and YHWH and Adonai.  For extra reverence the scribes who wrote the Torah while slaves in Babylon–a center of sorcery and off-track behavior—decided to emit the vowels from the terms YHWH and also wrote G-D, reportedly to save space and to show great reverence.  Some have guessed at the missing letters to come up with one name YHWH as Yahweh,  YHWH was altered to JHVH in later translations.  The vowels were added from the Hebrew Adonai term for God.  “Jehova” refers to  “God walking with us.”  The letter J did not exist until about 850 years ago – it is the sound of the Greek ‘I.   Also, a few times God is in the plural. Sometimes there  is talk of God being surrounded by heavenly hosts/angels. Angels were sent as God’s representatives, messengers and help to earth all the time – they have physical power and manifestation on earth.  The main point is not to let confusion about names divide people and get people off-track from the general simple, consistent oversight and guidance through the ages from God.]

To many in this country the old stories in the Bible are discounted as not possible and thus discarded. There is an important documentary available on YouTube, “ Banned Proof the Bible is Fact,”  by TheTruthAlwaysAddsUp.  I hope people will watch it.

Protecting Listeners of God

If you will look at the Books in the Bible that I mentioned above and also the first several chapters of Samuel, you will get a good idea of what biblical prophets are like. Moses, Samuel, Isaiah were all intuitive listeners of God, generally they are referred to as “prophets.” 

Individuals that are referred to as prophets in the Bible are good-hearted, intuitive listeners, who are willing to sincerely and truthfully relay guidance from God. Sometimes the information is corrective for leaders. This is a dangerous position for listeners of God to be in. In Kings 19:10, Elijah refers to prophets (like him) getting killed, and then Paul echo’s this (now including Jesus) in Romans 11:13.

Sincere, professed listeners of God, should get protection (as should ethically driven whistle-blowers) & be able to share information with the people as well as leaders; it is time to listen to, protect and value those who will guide us in a helpful direction..