CC By Eco Peace Vision Linda, updated 8/20/2016, 12/31/2017

The documentary, “First Americans Were Black Aboringines”,*  indicates that the true “First People” in America were not the Mongoloid races that came over the northern land bridge!  The First People in America appear to have come 50,000 years ago and originated in Australia!

The oldest skulls found in the video, were 12,000 years old and shared the same genetics with  Australian and African Aboriginal people! It appears from cave drawings they came by large canoe. Recently 5 men left the African coast in a storm. They got blown off coast. In only three weeks 2 survived and made it to Brazil!

The Mongoloid race came from the south to Brazil. From archaeological evidence, they were hunters and the dark-skinned race were produce harvesters. The dark-skinned inhabitants were also matriarchal cultures–they were led by women! The tan race apparently killed almost all of the original dark-skinned aboriginal peoples.

The video shows two women with the genetics of the African ancestors who were still alive – the last survivors!

The South American rainforests have been getting burned down (and this contributes to 51 % of greenhouse gases!) and the Amazon deforestation which is the size of Germany and France — and 81 % is for cattle ranching.  When we allow the destruction of the Amazon we also lose important human history. Archaeological expeditions and cite tours can provide sustainable jobs for the people in the region. There are other places to raise cattle.

  • The YouTube video at the time of the original article of May 29, 2015 was called “Mystery of Unexplained Human Remains.” — This video was no longer accessible on YouTube, as of the 8/2016 update, but the new video appears to be the same one.