by Linda Redman April 27, 2015, updated June 6, 2015

1. If we will look at the New International Version of the Bible as a history of guidance from God, then the more recent guidance is what Isaiah relayed and Jesus emulated. Since Jesus demonstrated being peaceful even in the face of meanness, injustice and violence – he is a good role model for peace.

2. Offer hope for peace and renewal of the land (yurts can be constructed cheaply: ironwood trees can exist and offer shade and canopy for other plants on arid land– see Gavotas! in Columbia.)

3. Examine possible compatible and off-track interpretations of religious texts.

4. Have leaders of the same religion, parents and family members and teachers attempt to correct possible misinterpretations of family religious text, have these guides and books they endorse; also relay the state of the earth & polar shift occurring & that it looks like we are in danger of our magnetic shield turning off (relay you tube videos)

5. Isaiah references a guide (that appears to mean Jesus) coming. So it may be possible for Jewish leaders to accept Jesus was this new guide.

6. The same family lines from Noah can be traced to Iran/Iraq as well as Israel and the US. I hope that Christians, Jews, Messianic Jews, and Muslims can all join in prayer for God’s assistance in clearing negative energies in the U.S. and in the Middle East. The negative energies are a shared problem.

7. The Qur’an (“the recitation”)/ Koran is presented and considered by adherents as the updated version of the Bible without distortions. (There are different versions of it however.)– Christians do not agree.  Mohammad indicated he was a prophet just as Noah, Moses, Samuel, Jonah, Jesus & Daniel. The Qur’an/Koran includes Adam as a prophet. The web site indicates “Islam does not demand inhumane and murderous treatment for Christians and Jews.” There may be some basis for coming together if groups can notice that they are from the same family linages. ..well, human DNA has been tracked to the same origins.  There are some archeological findings to support that the Bible is a correct record.

8. The universal laws of good conduct are present in the  the Bible– it is important to view the Bible as progressive teachings. Jesus says that it is not important to follow all the many laws of the past; that there are only a few:  love God,  care for one another, treat the earth respectfully (it is like a mother to us), treat our bodies like our temples, follow the laws, be peaceful. and Jesus instructed the people NOT be misled by false “idols” — including profiteering –representing off-track guidance.

9. Mohammed said not to harm Christians. “Christ Consciousness” is seen in the virtues that Jesus modeled. – These should be able to be agreed upon.

10. Jews and Christians believe in a supreme God and mostly there is overlap in the related human history related to God and guidance for humanity. It is important that the actual name is different in Islam.  It is possible for most humans to conceive of the concept that there appears to be a hierarchy of consciousness in the earthly plane.

11. Focus efforts to educate people in the US and the Middle East that the magnetic poles have been shifting and the sun’s poles shifted completely between 2008 and 2012. The shift has reportedly been speeding up from 2010-2015! (YouTube video)  Peacemakers can relay that humanity has a greater enemy than one another – magnosphere collapse. It is possible that we only have 200 years. It is better to err on the safe side and work together to create settlement areas underground, under rock & mountains or deeper if dirt. That it makes sense to make thick skylights and create huge biological reserves. This is to counter the possible scenario of immense, DNA harming solar radiation that is now our biggest threat. There is hope that humanity can work together to create an inner earth resonance to recreate a man-made magnospheric shield. We may have a better chance in this last undertaking if we decide to align with Source/God and other forms of intelligent life who are also aligned with God.

12. Protecting a diverse array of current life forms is important in the survival of our species and any species that may survive upcoming pole shift/magnosphere harm so that some species may survive to evolve towards greater consciousness.

13. To protect the rainforest lifeforms that are currently becoming extinct at alarming rates, we can look for native artifacts to help indigenous peoples remain as guardians on these lands.

14. The concept and name of God is a good way to give people a tool to pray for protection and worry less and be comforted, and also to do their part in helping create the best case scenerio. Regardless of what happens, we still need people to be developing their gifts and knowledge to help. We need some ethical physics majors – to help figure out possible resonance protection; we might get helpful guidance by  asking God for help. It should not hurt!

List of Educational Videos

1.The sun’s pole shift, and ours:

2.This is the 2012 NOVA show which indicates this pole shift is not following the same pattern of other previous pole shifts; that it appears our magnetic shield is going away rapidly !

3.This includes the good illustration of the protection of the


5. This is about Gavotas! For giving hope for reforesting – saving precious species and biodiversity: