by Linda C. Redman, April 22, 2015, updated June 6, 2015

A day before Earth Day this year, I asked an intuitive friend what is the most important thing to focus on to help our planet.

The answer was to protect species in the South American rainforests–to halt the extinctions due to the land grabbing fires there.   The next message was that finding ancient  artifacts can help halt the rainforest destruction.  Also so that we don’t lose important human history.

The next message was about the concern of radiation — which caused my source to look into pole shift and the threat of losing our magnetic shield during our current pole shift.

Since the magnetic poles are splitting, it looks likely that the new poles could snap together (along with major turbulence) at our current equatorial region.  Our planet’s magnosphere–it’s shield from the sun’s radiation– is  lessening at this time during our current pole shift. As I understand it from the YouTube NOVA documentary, there is even a chance that we could lose our magnosphere completely and begin to look like mars!

So let’s hit it hard planting and  saving what species we have left as best we can.  Saving our forests is a good idea because there will be some shielding by the trees of the other creatures.  One reason to save species is that it is possible we wont be the species to survive this. Another reason is that of course, these species have been evolving for millions of years – how can we allow this to happen!

It also appears wise to create underground caverns for flora, fauna and humans with thick skylight tubes and fiber optics to bring in light. It also appears wise to crack open the Bible, get to know God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and pray for the best case scenario! …Somewhere in the Bible’s Book of Matthew it talks about being ready to go at any time.  I have a big concern for the problems with all the nuclear power plants and weapons in the case of plate movement during this phenomenon. I wonder if radioactive substances can be neutralized via frequency.  My intuitive friend thought we will have 200 years, but also noted pole shift is long overdue if you look at the patterns of past pole shifts.