— Please join me in envisioning a Community Radio Station for Auburn, Washington. (The Green River Community College has a station that could perhaps be used on weekends if residents could provide a steady stream of volunteers and an experienced local overseer…so long as the college administrators agreed to it. This sort of thing can build a sense of community — we can hear local voices, concerns, joys, successes, encouragements, information — it can get people on the same page.)

— I hope that communities decide to choose the path of peace and wellness – and therefore ban products and services that take our residents off this path. I hope that our schools can continue to go in the direction of offering more healthy food for our students.

— I encourage readers to envision the stabilizing and containing and neutralization Fukashima nuclear reactor problem. Let’s send thanks to all who have been helping and pray that any radioactivity goes straight down beneath the ocean and floor and does the least amount of harm and somehow gets neutralized.

— I encourage readers to envision our global air, seas, soils, creatures and plants get progressively clearer of toxins and humans are victorious in our quest to reduce CO2 and toxins. Thanks!!

— May we continue to help our neighbors in need so that everyone’s hearts are lifted even despite challenges in the coming years!