There are some older shows that might be good for “Family Movie Night:”

– “Sound of Music” – historic, joyfulness, timeless great songs and messages!

– Jacques Cousteau Odyssey (6 discs from the library) – Time Bomb at 50 Fathoms is on it, and this is also on You Tube.

– “Get Smart” – Spy Comedy Spoof, via You Tube.

– Brother Son, Sister Moon – St. Francis of Assisi’s life – a sincere disciple of Jesus’ teachings, virtues of spiritual truth, simplicity, ecology.

– Lost Horizon 1973 musical via YouTube – from a book and an earlier movie about Shangri-La – a peaceful, cooperative, isolated village; a vision of a Utopian society. –

– The TV series “Star Trek Enterprise” via Netflix. This is the prequel to the original series that was on TV. It is reportedly less violent than the original series and it may be a good series for families to watch together. Parents can point out that there are the virtues of tolerance, peace, unity, cooperation, caring, creativity, problem-solving…

– “Bill Nye, Science Guy” is humorous and great – many different topics – all great!

– Other science topics suggestions – genetically engineered food/ (Dangers of GMO Foods: Jeffery Smith…but review it first, astronomy, physics, new technology and the Disclosure Project (related to UFOs), hydrogen powered engines (some are homemade and one YouTube video shows one installed and operating in a small pick up truck!)

– Roy Rogers “Under California Stars” – via You Tube – the virtue of honesty is presented

Readers, feel free “comment” and relay more suggestions! Thanks!