Greetings readers…I am just trying to build up a bit of readership especially for my former article encouraging people to check out and consider adopting the UN Cultures of Peace Guidelines!  Individuals, households, groups, cities, countries…these are all first steps, first goals.  Many countries must have agreed these are good guidelines — so let’s find out which countries are behind them, which individuals and groups are supportive…it won’t hurt to proclaim and post these in our homes and agreed-upon public spaces.

Also, feel free to wear a symbol of solidarity — one example is an embroidered ribbon from an arts and crafts store with leaves for ecology and hearts or the peace symbol for peace.  Make a bracelet or looped ribbon (put a piece of tape on the back so the cut edge doesn’t unravel and pin it with a safety pin!!

We can do this! We can create a sensible future.

Another important step is to watch the DVD by the Pachemama Alliance “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream.”  (Available free in the King County Library System.) It presents the case for quickly transitioning in a very bold way towards sustainable living social structures!

Thanks for your attention and any help for a bright future!  Be Well!


Linda C. Redman, Auburn, Washington, USA