(Live saurkraut has beneficial bacteria for intestinal health, and fermented cabbage may also help move foods along; cabbage juice has beneficial nutrients for the intestine as well. Kale has folic acid for cell division and lots of minerals.)
– red cabbage, beet sauerkraut (Fred Meyers, health food area after the eggs)
– kimchee (next to the red sauerkraut at Fred Meyer health food section in Auburn-avoid citric acid ingredient as this can be from GMO corn) ( or “It’s Alive” red sauerkraut kimchee from Marlene’s Market in Federal Way near 320 St and I-5 — may not have garlic which can be good for some people).
– organic kale (gently & apologetically tear small pieces) – blanching this and spinach is supposed to help make minerals more bioavailable; include the small amount of water you use to briefly steam it.
– sprouted, cooked quinoa (or uncooked- rinse with vinegar and water)
– hulled hemp seeds (high protein & omega 3 oils)
– Braggs Braggberry salad dressing (has stevia for sweetness).
– Fosse Farms Cranberry Dressing & Marinade (at Marlene’s Market) has sugar and garlic.
Then don’t forget to chew thoroughly and savor each bite!