The children’s show on cartoon network “Adventure Time” Thursday, June 20, 2013, at about 12:30 p.m. has images I consider disturbing.

I happened across the tail end of the show and saw two cartoon creatures that were similar to a human and dog. Their arms were able to stretch very long like noodles. The dog was able to become small. There was a radio that talked. The dog-like being and the humanoid  were tricking the sensitive, heart-oriented talking radio character unsympathetically without letting the radio character in on the trick; they were messing with the radio’s emotions.  There were about 8 female humanoids with skin colors toned like blue and green—not in human tones and wearing bikinis and who could not talk.  There was a skull paperweight and another skull image.

Very weird and disturbing and appears to encourage an acceptance for genetically mutated beings with mutated values as well!

In these times we must each individually decide whether we want to go in the direction of true, heart-oriented humans or stray from this path. To go on this path, it is my understanding that we must care for our divine DNA and eat healthy (fresh, organic, nutrient-rich) foods and maybe not give too much attention to shows like this. I do think we need laws that keep our public spaces (including the airwaves) wholesome and incentives and disincentives to encourage our fellow beings to make wholesome choices — and to happen across wholesome food for the mind, body and spirit!

If you agree with me contact the Federal Communications Commission and complain and send a copy also to your federal congressional representatives, Ms. Obama, and other parents! Thanks for any help!