My 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter enjoyed the colorful, action-oriented movie “Return of the Guardians” and I appreciated some  messages–one being that  a person could be  likened to a Russian wooden doll that can contain inner layers with different sentiments, including a joyful heart; another message I liked was the possibility of guardians protecting us.

A book series that is presented as a real message from peaceful beings claiming to be our creators and guardians I think would be a great way to follow up this movie and provide great discussions. The “messages”  are “relayed” by Ashayana Deane in Voyagers Volumes 1 & 11, second editions and Angelic Realities: The Survival Handbook.  These books present important contemporary scientific realistic possibilities for the meaning of life!

While the movie Rise of the Guardians may not be life-changing and consciousness-raising, the Voyager books truly are! I encourage all of my readers to look into them as the messages in them are completely relevant to this time in human history!  Let me know what you think!