— Thrift Store Pots  with Ivy Cuttings — in Washington State these are readily available and are invasive, competing with indigenous plants.

— Dried, Decorated Avocado Shells

— Organic (non- GMO) underwear, clothing, pajamas

— Thrift Store Cotton Clothing (older cottons may not be GMO) —use some blueberry and cranberry and wheatgrass dyes to decorate them. Learn how to fix the colors, soak in saltwater, I believe.

— Precious Stones – Black Market Minerals has 50% off sales now at the Auburn Washington “Seattle Outlet Mall” – “Genuine minerals have genuine energy.”  There is a bowl made of Malachite, a stone that many energy healers use.  There are books of information about the unique and beneficial qualities of the minerals at the store– it is really a small museum adventure. Some polished malachite is only $3.50 right now, it is usually more expensive.  “Minerals work with humans because we are part of the planet,” one customer said.  One mineral, Azurite, is said to “draw out subconscious poison!”

— Flower Essences – These help with emotional healing.  Some that I recommend for presents are: “ Divine Love,” “Calling All Angels,” & “Purification,” –- these are mists — ”No Separation” (to ease the stress of being away from a loved one), “Lighten Up” (to help with the winter blues)–  from Alaska Flower Essences, in Montana.  Rescue Remedy

— Percussion instruments made by cutting a paper towel tube in half and adding pistachio shells. Fold in ends and wrap with decorative paper.

— Metal Bottle Cap Art Magnets—with glue and glitter and paint. – can we get some glass shards polished to make mosaics