My first reaction to a news story in June of 2013, was shock and despair, but after learning more, I had a different understanding and could feel more compassion.  The story was of one person that acted like an animal and ripped into another man’s face with his teeth.

A survey of “routers news” and “world wide new service” on the internet—two sources of information that journalists look to discern the facts of stories presented in the media—I had a different understanding, and could then feel more compassion and concern, which are more elevated states of being than shock, despair and hysteria.

This story was of a homeless man in Florida who was on some kind of drugs who was attacked by another man–also on some kind of drugs– that caused the attacker to growl and act like an animal.  The police officer, in a reflex probably related to shock, shot the unarmed man who was growling and acting like an animal.

I have done “prison visitations” and conflict resolution workshops with Quaker (Society of Friends) groups and have met men and women who I believe were sincerely good-hearted, yet had done violent, tragic, unacceptable things.   These acts had often occurred because of some flash-back to their own violent past, or were done under the influence of some drug, including alcohol, or occurred due to the mismanagement of a strong emotion or due to the lack of  constructive personal philosophy.

There are many cases of “blackouts” or behavior happening when people are under the influence of drugs. Some of the inmates I came to know,  actually did not remember, nor would they intentionally commit the crime they had done,  if they were in an aware, or awakened, state of being.

Somewhere I heard that it is possible for humans to get “possessed” by evil spirits if they are in a very low-consciousness state, or under the influence of some drugs.  If this is the case, we have a big security threat with the well over 2 million people in this country on “meth.”

Since it can cost as much as $70,000 to maintain an inmate in prison (in Alaska),  an effective prevention program might not only be helpful for our security, but might actually be cheaper than our current system of waiting for the crimes and then spending a lot of resources punishing our fellow “off track” humans.

Here are some things that might help to prevent catastrophes from animalistic and non-human-like behavior:

  1. Humanity is more secure when we can work for widespread, high-vibe human mental, spiritual and physical health.  In fact, an article at the start of this year in the Well Being Journal, indicated that artificial-type foods can cause disruptions in human DNA  This indicates to me that “junk” and “false” food is indeed weakening our species and genetically harming future generations.  There is also the possibility that we can increase our consciousness by eating truly organic (pro-biological), high-vibe foods. (The energy of a live food can be measured by krilian photography.)
  2. That if we want to evolve towards peaceful, humane cultures, we must discourage things in our society—specifically certain movies, books, video games and toys– that demonstrate a darkness an the devaluing of life.  Instead, I hope each local municipality will choose to declare itself a “Zone of Peace and Wellness” and subsidize or encourage cultural things that serve to highlight the boundaries and lay the groundwork for the “path of peace.”  ..the path of peace, love, heart-fullness & wellness.
  3. The power of the human and subhuman psyche is perhaps strong enough –at this time, (there is said to be several stars in alignment, called a solar activation cycle) to manifest things we think about.  I know of one 8 year-old boy whose father has allowed him to play a tiny “smart” phone video game with zombies in it for possibly hours!  This shocks and sickens me, but I must take responsibility, and not allow my own energy to get pulled down towards a dark state. Even faced with shocking news, I believe I can help by controlling my thoughts and emotions, and actions and refocusing them on higher, more uplifting things.
  4. This incident highlights the spiritual warfare that I think is now becoming overt on our planet at this time in history.  The dark is out in the open. That is the good news—now it is in the light. The spotlight, and all real heart-ful humans can get on the same page and agree: “at least we are not sub-human” – we may disagree on some things but we can agree on that!