(c)L.C.Redman, 2011 — please share freely,  just relay this line.


Some initial steps towards structuring peace are these:

   1. Choose Civility ~

With each thought, work and action we can consciously choosing to be civil and to help create a more peaceful world.  We can share this with others and notice who else wishes to join us.  We can work together to go in the direction of creating peaceful cultural groups.  

We can start by how we choose to pronounce the Speaker of the U.S.  House of Representives’ name; we can choose to say “Bainer.”

2.  Women can Navigate;  Men can Drive ~

Men and women can work harmoniously towards cultures of peace if we will affirm  and utilize our biologically unique designs;  Unless there is some hormonal imbalance, men speak in the second octave (check out a digital piano tuner), and women speak in the third octave.  

There is a possiblity that  men are uniquely designed to drive us toward, and help build, structures to firmly establish peaceful cultures.  Men–and perhaps women who speak in the second octave– may be uniquely able to access and express the solar plexis chakra–the place of “the will.”  Men perhaps are great at manifesting peace

Women–and perhaps men who speak mainly in the third octave–may be uniquely designed to see a broader picture, to listen to their hearts and emotions and to guide humanity in the direction of peace.  “Women are the diviners for man–meaning mankind.”  This is what a scholar studying the Dead Sea Scrolls–the original documents found in some caves outside of Israel–told a friend of mind when asked what the original writings said that corresponds to her Bible which says, “Women are the helpmeets of man.”  Women it seems will be great navigators to guide us towards peace.