Dr. Jonathan Wright, a Harvard University Medical Doctor who has received an honorary Natropathic Doctor degree from Bastyr University was one of the doctors who halted Suzanne Sommers’ breast cancer.

Suzanne in her book relates that she continues to eat meat, but includes hydrochloric acid (H CL) and enzymes to break down the proteins.

Another patient of Dr. Wright’s clinic whom I personally know, was experiencing some intestinal rumbling and was directed to take a blood test at Dr. Wright’s clinic’s lab to check for food allergies. This test reflected that many foods were causing a white blood cell and histamine response.

This patient was diagnosed with a leaky intestine. The Naturopath Doctor at the clinic recommended H CL and enzymes to better digest foods. To heal and prevent further damage to the intestine, she recommended to completely avoid gluten (which can cause intestinal permeability in many people), drink 2 oz. cabbage juice two times a day for around month and a half, take a supplement with the key protein in cabbage juice, and take a special form of zinc.

My friend believes this clinic correctly diagnosed her ailment and saved her life. The University of Washington did not help. The “Digestive Disease Specialists” linked with Multi-care did not correctly diagnose her either, she said.

Her issue gave her symptoms for about 20 years. Her first symptoms were difficulty swallowing some foods.

It is the opinion of this writer that there are several important reasons to stop and to reduce eating the flesh of large mammals:

–A reduction of killing and factory farms is a rational, civil, compassionate thing to do.

–Large mammals can give us large parasites.

–We can feed ALOT more people, in a healthier way on a plant-based diet.

–A plant-based diet, including green juices for extra vitamins/folic acid (liquid light?)and minerals might increase spiritual enlightenment, optimal brain function, wiser choices and more happiness!

In the transitional process from eating meat from large mammals to a more and more plant-based diet, people might consider enzyme-rich dried fish, smaller animals and H CL supplements for proteins.

Proteins are found in all foods, but are high in some grains, and highest in meats, nuts and legumes (beans).

I think it is a good idea to soak and sprout grains and legumes before eating them. (I believe Jesus encourages this in the “Essene Gospels of Peace.” These teaching were uncovered after the common Bible was put together.)

Before eating long-term spouts, I often rinse with hydrogen peroxide (“food grade” if possible) followed by water to kill excess surface bacteria.

The surface bacteria in the soaking water of wheat and rye grains, according to the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego,  produces a healthy drink called rejuvelac, containing B vitamins and pro-biotics like those found in yogurt.

Proteins can withstand high temperatures–so they can still provide some benefit if cooked; however, enzymes are rendered ineffective if they are heated over 104 degrees f.  Therefore,   adding enzymes would help one to receive the most nutritional benefit from cooked food.

A doctor working at Dr. Wright’s lab several months ago, told me that many people were showing immune reactions to dairy as well as gluten grains.

Most of the  alternatives to milk for getting one’s calcium and vitamin D –like rice, oat, hemp, almond, coconut “mylks” or drinks–are currently not sprouted seeds and grains.  Therefore they are problematic in my opinion. Also the calcium “chews” can have allergens as well.

It seems safest to get one’s calcium along with magnesium for muscles, from greens.  Sprouted pumpkin seeds (containing zinc) ground up in collard green leaf anyone?!

Be well! Carry on! Peace, Love and High-Vibe Foods…Check out the “raw” –enzyme rich– foods at your local health food store!