Let’s Harness the “Yes, We Can” Power of Collective Positive Thoughts & Intentions !

This is an era of great change–great hardship, great challenge, great tragedy and great opportunity.    An author on http://www.beliefnet.com writes about this 2012 transition time saying that if one walks into a room of a woman delivering a baby, there can be a lot of blood and even screams.    If one didn’t know this was a birth, one might be scared or concerned.

When I was preparing for childbirth, I learned of “hypno-birthing.”   With the proper mental preparation, a birth can be HUGELY facilitated, and the pain reduced IMMENSELY!!   We don’t have to watch news of some disheartening economic trends, in an un-empowered state of shock.

Instead, let’s harness our collective ability to think, pray and visualize some positive thoughts about what we want to see–> Rapid transformation to vibrant, local, self-reliant, sustainable economies.   It’s free!…Good thoughts don’t cost us anything and they will probably help!  We can make rear car window affirmations, or engrave a bracelet perhaps with sayings like:

*  “Our Thoughts & Prayers Can Help” and

*  “Build Ecological Communities – Yes, We Can!”

Every time you glance back at a rear view mirror, you will see it and you can visualize and affirm this thought. (available on “Links” page of http://www.eco-peacevision.com unless site is temporarily down).

This project is inspired by Lynn Taggert’s Peace Intentions Experiments. These are collections of people that are visualizing peace for certain places and well-being for specific individuals at certain times, with apparent success!

Also check out the book: Getting Well Again.  The first few pages tells of a man who was 98 pounds and overcame cancer in 2 months by visualizing, 3 times daily, his white blood cells escorting the cancerous cells out of his body!

Hundreds of millions of people’s lives have been pinched or pummeled by or elevated (green industries) by economic factors.    People are united in feelings. Tens of millions of people have recently watched the movie 2012 and are now more aware of this extreme “worst case scenario.”

Beyond collective awareness, and collective positive, determined visualization, we need to prepare physically for possible physical shifts and attempt to rapidly clean up and encapsulate toxins and attempt to protect ways of cleaning up toxins after a potential continental and or magnetic shift.

Let’s visualize the survival of people and tools that can help manifest cultures for peace and wellness. Let’s err on the side of safety and prepare for the worst, while anticipating the successful birth of a peaceful civilization.

Toxins, bacterium and viruses can be neutralized by frequency. Each element on the atomic chart has an “atomic weight” but these are not really weights, they are the frequencies of the electrons.    From the remarkable research of Sharry Edwards at Sound Health Options,  I have learned that we can neutralize toxins by using frequencies.

This information, I believe and hope, can help us neutralize radioactive materials and other toxins.  Sharry has indicated that we can, for example, even detoxify our orca whales!

I believe we must work together to rapidly encapsulate and as time allows, neutralize, many harmful chemicals as soon as possible.   Sharry Edwards and Royal Rife have important knowledge to tap into at this time.

This is following the “precautionary principle” as  described on Wikipedia.

I hope we can act swiftly to neutralize toxins in our planet and our bodies — what if something happens and we now not  have the assistance of technology and electronics that we have today.

So as not to emit “alarmist” frequencies…l want to affirm what the author on http://www.beliefnet.com  says about balancing, grounding activities we can do during this physical and spiritual birthing process.

I appreciate all the people who are meditating and vocalizing positive intentions in thoughts, words and songs daily, I appreciate all those people who are sharing humorous and heart-elevating, hopeful stories, and attempting to work in a focused way to structure peace and wellness on our planet!