I just watched a documentary about Nostradamus and other people’s predictions for 2012.  With the astronomical astrological conjunctions, or alignment in 2012,   unbridled human toxins and temperaments on our planet right now, along with a potential polarity shift, and possible collapse of outmoded electronic and “economic” systems, how can we prepare for this likely turbulence?

Those of us who want to see cultures of peace, health and ecology emerge can start by reading a www.beliefnet.com article about healthy, grounded mindsets during this new era of positive transformation.

Since there is a chance that our electronic communications might be disrupted,  if you care about ushering in cultures of peace, health and ecology, consider yourself a leader in your neighborhood.   Be the voice for this as a goal.   We can affirm and cultivate the virtues of ourselves and those around us. We can collect organic seeds and cultivate gardens of food and good thoughts and good times.  Most people are attracted to  happiness and goodness, and want good-hearted leaders.

As the era between 2012 and 2017–a time others have indicated will bring great solar energy surges– is here,  much important information is being exchanged and I hope we can use our electronic communication tools to organize a plan for the humane survival and promotion of peace-seeking, health-oriented human beings.

Interestingly enough, I, as a busy not-to-technologically-versed mother and culture of peace advocate, am only just now being able to easily get my voice on a blog!

After seeing this movie, my priorities are heightened towards  self-reliance and aftermath toxic cleanup via frequencies (I have personal experience with Sharry Edwards work and encourage peace workers to become research associates with her as an ally in energy healing and detoxification) and saving the peacekeepers, peace and wellness information, and organic seeds.

The other movie I recently offered my daughter (movies and books and school are big teachers for her at age 9) was Erin Brokovich.    It is based on a true story of a mother working as a legal assistant that discovers and seeks justice for families getting health problems from a nearby oil and gas plant.    I wouldn’t have reviewed this movie if it wasn’t for the desire to elevate my daughter’s consciousness about toxins and social activism.   (I apologize profusely for the language, but we weathered it because the message, I thought, was worth it.)

One of the effects of the gas chemicals mentioned in the movie  was “leaky gut syndrome” and resulting food allergies, which we have!  That turned out to be a relavent movie for us.

If anyone has a rumblingintestine or any weird health concerns, including “attention deficity” or “autistic spectrum” children, I encourage you to get an IgG antibody (with IgE) blood test for food allergies from the Meridian Valley Lab in Rento.  They repeat their tests for accuracy; many labs were found to have unreliable results. MV lab will test even without a doctor’s request.